AC maintenance can prevent summer heartache

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Summer is approaching, and without proper precautions, it could bring higher electricity bills with it.

There are plenty of ways to keep your air conditioner in ship-shape, getting the most out of it while impacting you bill as little as possible. Servicing your machine lowers your power bill and raises your air quality.

Among the first steps in preventative maintenance is making sure condensation drains are clear.

One of the most important things is to have the condensation drains flushed.

Algae can build up and block the primary drain, which can lead to multiple problems. If it gets backed up, it may cause the machine to shut down.

While having your AC shut down on a hot summer day may not be ideal, the alternative is that it doesn’t shut down and condensation builds up until it overflows, which could cause even more problems.

A lot of these things are above drywall ceilings. Making sure all the safety features work can prevent a lot of sorrow, a lot of issues with water.

Preventative chlorine tablets may help slow down the algae buildup, but it’s still something that should be checked regularly.

Keeping the condenser coils on the outside and the evaporator coil on the inside can also cut down on energy consumption. Both affect heat transfer and dirty coils lower efficiency.

Keeping your AC’s exterior condensing unit clean is another important factor in maintenance.

Then there’s cleaning debris out of the condensing units. The leaves and the debris that build up in the bottom of the condensing unit can decompose, and it can become very acidic and cause coils to rust, and metal parts and pans to erode.

Parts called blower wheels, located in the interior air handling unit, are an important part that should be checked regularly. It’s also important to make sure you have enough freon, as an air conditioner low on freon can cost more while failing to remove humidity property.  AC filters should also be changed.

Keeping bushes and trees trimmed back from the exterior condensing unit can also help.

Some recommend keeping the 18 to 24 inches immediately around the unit clear of vegetation.

All of the tips can also apply to commercial air conditioning systems.


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