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Annual inspection keeps air conditioner running cold

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Annual inspections are key to ensuring the AC blows out cold air when the weather heats up, and spring is an ideal time to have this done.

A typical air conditioning inspection entails tests of the thermostat and wiring, a visual inspection of electrical components, a visual inspection of supply registers and vents, cleaning and/or flushing the drain line, testing for all limit and safety controls, cleaning and inspecting the condensate pump if applicable, cleaning the condenser coil, testing the amp draws, checking the temperature drop across the evaporator coil, and making sure the drain lines are clean.

Another key aspect of an inspection is checking for air leaks or kinks in the ductwork. Leaks in the coils are the most common problems when it comes to the air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy fix. Most of the time when that happens, a lot is not repairable, and they have to be replaced.

Other issues include bad capacitors and contactors. Much electricity moves through these components, which can cause them to generate a lot of heat. Combined with high outside temperatures, these parts can fail.

While there are many issues that can affect an air conditioner’s performance, one of the main ones a homeowner can attempt to prevent is one caused by dirt. Dirty equipment can lead to a faulty or failed system. This can be caused by dust, cottonwood, or other airborne particles.

Keep the bushes cut away from the unit, keep grass clippings from getting inside, and potentially have the unit serviced again in the fall if a cottonwood tree is around.

Something else homeowners can do to be proactive is always change their air filter according to its recommendations. Some filters are supposed to be replaced every three months, while others last upwards of a year.

Keeping the filter changed, keeping the unit cleaned, and having the system inspected regularly will ensure homeowners remain energy-efficient.

Once the filter starts getting real dirty, it slows everything down and takes more energy for everything to move.


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