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3 Ways to Settle the Office Thermostat War

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Yes, sometimes it’s about the smelly kitchen, dirty microwave, messy work-desks, or loud coworkers, but no office war is as dramatic, divisive, and ubiquitous as the notorious office thermostat war and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. No matter the country, the continent, or the season, the office thermostat wars rage in workplaces around the globe as workers fight over …

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How Long Should a Furnace & Air Conditioning Unit Last?

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New air conditioning and heating equipment lasts longer than ever. The end of a furnace’s or air conditioner’s service life depends on more than just chronological age. Energy-efficiency issues and the price of any necessary repairs versus the cost of upgrading to a new unit all enter into that determination. Furnace Lifespan The average service life of a new furnace …

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Trends in Miami Retail and Commercial Construction

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Chills is here for all of your retail air conditioning needs. Our team of professionals is experienced in preventative maintenance, residential services, retail and commercial AC repair, construction, AC duct cleaning and general duct work. To find out more about any of our services, visit our website or reach out to our support team.   One of our favorite aspects …

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Improve Workplace Productivity with Air Conditioning

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Happy and healthy employees are vital to keeping everything in your business operating smoothly, and concern for your employees’ well-being should be a constant thought that runs through your mind. Besides insurance, benefits and salary, one of the most important aspects for your employees is the comfort level of the office. That can include everything from the furniture and lighting …

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The Key To Office Productivity

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Productivity in the office space is a popular subject not only for small startups, but for large corporations. Startups in San Francisco are now replacing conference tables with ping pong tables in hopes of increasing productivity. Their approach is if their employees are happier they will be more productive. Ping pong tables are luxuries most companies can’t afford. Well, there’s …

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These Qualities are What You Should Look for in Your AC Installer

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As summer approaches, Miami residents may wonder whether retail air conditioning is worth it. Can homeowners and office workers survive three months (maybe five…) without it? Is it worth the cost? It’s up to you, but if you’re ready, Chills offers low prices on and care for retail AC units. It’s important to do your research on the type of …

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Miami and Sarasota Business Owners Secret to Keeping Chill in the Summer

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There are two ways you can spend your summer: sweaty or ready. Which do you want to be? Ready, right? At Chills AC, we like to think we set the standard for cool, because we pretty much literally do. It’s our business to make your chill factor our business. Let us help you before it’s too late! It’s easy to …