Compressor repair

R22 AC Compressor Repair and Replacement Options

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If your air conditioner is over 10 years old, it probably uses R22 refrigerant. This refrigerant, commonly known as Freon, was first introduced in the 1950s and quickly became the standard refrigerant used in the HVAC industry. It was not until a few decades later that it was identified as one of the main contributors to ozone depletion. Production and …

Blocked Air Filter

Reasons Behind Air Conditioner Running Continuously (Won’t Shut Off)

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The hum of air conditioning has become such a part of everyday life, that it’s something we hardly notice anymore. However, it’s worth focussing your attention on it every now and then as the sounds your AC unit makes are an important tool in diagnosing potential problems. If you notice, for example, that your air conditioner is running continuously, without …

How to Build an Outdoor Dog House With Air Conditioning

How to Build an Outdoor Dog House With Air Conditioning

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If you are worried about your dog overheating in the summer, or getting cold in the winter, but aren’t quite ready to open your door and let it in the house, you might want to consider getting an outdoor dog-house with air-conditioning. You can, of course, buy a ready made one but dog houses with air conditioning and heating can …

5 Tips To Reduce Allergens in Your Home

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Summer is finally drawing to a close and in a few months we’ll be switching our HVAC systems from cooling to heating mode. And although spring is the season usually associated with allergies, if you suffer from them, you’ll know that winter can also be problematic for you and the millions of fellow sufferers out there. Spring is a particularly …

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What Size AC Unit do I Need for my House (Calculator)

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When air-conditioners first became widely available in the 1980’s they were big, clumsy, noisy, inefficient contraptions. If you wanted to be sure of staying cool, it was definitely a case of the bigger, the better. Technology has advanced a lot since then and today’s AC units are sleek, efficient and relatively noiseless by comparison. Size still matters though, but now …

Couple suffering summer heat and fanning with a fan

5 Ways to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

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We are all familiar with the following scenario: your air conditioner isn’t working, or your house doesn’t have one, and the heat is so unbearable that you simply can’t relax, do anything around the house, or even sleep with all the tossing and turning in your bed that makes you want to jump out of your own skin. Of course, …

Image of a hurricane about to hit a beach in florida.

Florida and its Legacy of Hurricanes

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Longtime residents of Florida are very much aware that hurricanes are a part and parcel of life in the Sunshine State. And they will also tell you that in recent years, these storms seem to be increasing in strength. Hurricane Irma was one of the most destructive storms in U.S. history. It maintained its peak intensity of 185 mph for …

Best Setting for Your Central Air Conditioning

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Yes, there is a way to stay comfortable while saving energy More people fight over the thermostat than the remote and those battles become more pitched during periods of extreme heat. The disputes aren’t just about comfort, they’re about money too because every time you lower the thermostat in hot weather it raises your electric bill. So what’s the best …

Check Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency with a Thermometer

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Cooling (and heating) your home is one of the most costly portions of your energy bill. The Family Handyman has a tip for ensuring your air conditioner works as efficiently as possible. If your air conditioner isn’t cooling the house quickly enough, it may need repair. Here’s how to test it: To determine whether your air conditioner needs a tune-up, …

2017 Long Range Weather Forecast For Florida

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HOW TO READ LONG-RANGE WEATHER FORECASTS Long-range predictions show weather trends in temperatures and precipitation. For example, will the winter be colder or warmer than average? Will there be more or less snow than what’s typical for your area? Our famous predictions (traditionally 80% accurate) are made 18 months in advance, and meant to help you make more informed decisions …