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Not Always Balmy In Sarasota

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Picture yourself in Sarasota, Florida. What comes to mind?

Most people, especially those who brave the winter months in freezing temperatures, picture white sandy beaches where the temperature wouldn’t dare surpass 80 degrees. They imagine cool mornings greeted by comfortable afternoons and a night’s temperature that could rock a baby to sleep. If this is what you think of when you daydream about Sarasota, you could be in for a rude awakening.

I’m not here to tell you that Sarasota, Florida has terrible weather and should be avoided. It actually has some of the best weather in the country, but there are some unpleasantries that are often overlooked.

Sarasota has some of the most pleasant winter, spring, and fall seasons. Temperatures range anywhere from the low 50’s to the mid 80’s. These months are the reason people pack their belongings and head south for the winter.

Then there is summer. You would think summers in Sarasota, Florida would be the most popular time of year. It’s quite the opposite. Summers in Sarasota include temperatures in the 90’s with humidity you couldn’t even imagine. Let’s just say Air Conditioning Repair in Sarasota should be a phrase to get used to.  

Between the rain, the humidity, and the hurricane season there are several things to account for.

Here are 7 tips to help you manage the Sarasota Weather:

1. Have a dependable AC Unit
People who have visited or lived in Sarasota in the summer are familiar with the extreme humidity. I’ve even heard the nickname “AC Sarasota“. People take their air conditioning situation very seriously in Sarasota and often spend much of the summer indoors. So make sure yours is up and running come early May.

2. Know what to do if your AC unit breaks down
I love the nickname AC Sarasota, but they might as well change the nickname to AC Repair Sarasota. AC units break down all the time in Sarasota because of the amount of work they are put through. So be prepared not only to work your AC unit to the bone, but have a number to call when it does break down.

3. Stay hydrated
With the hot temperatures and extreme humidity, your body needs all the liquids it can get. Also, don’t over do the outdoor activities. Heat exhaustion can creep up on you pretty quick in Florida. So make sure to manage your fluids and your time in the sun.

4. Sunblock
We all want a good tan, but a tan quickly turns to a burn in Sarasota. Make sure to lather up with sunblock and to reapply every few hours.  

5. Plan activities for the winter
You might find yourself indoors for most of the summer, so make sure you get plenty of activities in before the temperatures rise. Sarasota has a plethora of outdoor activities and the winter months are the perfect time to take advantage.

6. Prepare for Rain
Sarasota has an average annual rainfall of 53 inches compared to the national average of 39 inches. Sunny days on the beach can quickly take a turn for the worse. Make sure you have all the necessary rain gear.    

7. Have a Hurricane Plan
Not to scare anyone away, but Sarasota does have a hurricane season. The season stretches from early June to mid-November. So if you are not familiar with Hurricane safety, do your research and have a plan if Sarasota is ever in the path of a hurricane.

There is a reason why people are always changing addresses and moving to Florida. It’s a great place to live. Just remember to stay cool.

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