Best Setting for Your Central Air Conditioning

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Yes, there is a way to stay comfortable while saving energy More people fight over the thermostat than the remote and those battles become more pitched during periods of extreme heat. The disputes aren’t just about comfort, they’re about money too because every time you lower the thermostat in hot weather it raises your electric bill. So what’s the best …

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What Can You Expect During Your Maintenance Visit?

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Along with buying an air conditioning system comes the need for possible maintenance calls. Setting up regularly scheduled preventative maintenance will allow your unit to run at maximum efficiency, prolonging the life of your air conditioning and heating system while saving you bundles of cash. What is done in a maintenance visit? Chills expert technicians come out to your home …

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What is an Electric Air Purifier?

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With Americans spending a majority of their day indoors either at work, at home, and or anywhere else inside, there is a huge demand for increased indoor air quality. People with allergies and asthma have an even greater need for cleaner air in their homes and workplaces. An estimated 50 million people suffer from airborne allergies. Pollutants and allergens such …

A diagram of a zone control system

Why Should You Use a Zone Control System?

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Air conditioning is used in more than 100 million U.S. homes to create a more comfortable and enjoyable environment. Many utilize the efficient whole-house HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) that sets a single temperature for the entire house. HVAC uses a series of air ducts that distribute air that has been heated or cooled throughout the entire house. While …