HVAC heating and air conditioning residential units or heat pumps

How To Find The Perfect HVAC For Your Needs

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Having a solid HVAC system helps keep your home always comfortable Most homes will already come with an HVAC system installed, but repairs and replacements are often a part of owning a home. As with other purchases for your home, buying an HVAC system requires that you compare what’s available with your own requirements and expectations of an HVAC system. …

A diagram of an air flow in an electric purifier

What is an Electric Air Purifier?

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With Americans spending a majority of their day indoors either at work, at home, and or anywhere else inside, there is a huge demand for increased indoor air quality. People with allergies and asthma have an even greater need for cleaner air in their homes and workplaces. An estimated 50 million people suffer from airborne allergies. Pollutants and allergens such …

A woman using an electric fan to cool herself

Keeping Your Home Cool Without Breaking The Bank

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Your home should be your sanctuary; the most comforting place in your life. So when you get your electric bill and feel the need to move into a 400 square foot studio apartment you probably get the feeling there should be some changes made in your energy using habits. When those degrees start rising, keeping your home cool without putting …

An AC unit during winter

Getting your unit ready for winter

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Winter is finally on its way. After a long hot summer your air conditioning unit is finally ready to be turned off. Before just flipping that switch, you may want to consider some tips to keeping your unit in good running condition. After all, your AC unit needs to be maintained even during winter. Follow a few of these tips …