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Top Tips to Make Your AC Unit More Energy Efficient

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An efficient home air conditioning unit not only saves you energy costs, but it also enhances the comfort of your business or your home. It is therefore important to increase the efficiency of the air conditioner. Let us look at ways to increase the effectiveness of the unit so that you get more out of it.

Keep the Coils and the Filters Clean

Filters are an important part of the air conditioning unit. The filters trap the debris that abounds in the air, preventing the dust and dirt from getting into your home. You need to make sure the filters are clean so that you reduce the work the air conditioner performs to filter the air. As per regulations, cleaning ought to be performed once every one or two months. If the air conditioner uses electronic filters, clean them thoroughly twice every year.

Replacing or cleaning the filters can lead to energy savings of up to 15 percent, which in turn improves the efficiency. Studies show that clogging of debris and poor maintenance of the unit are the major causes of low efficiency and breakdown of your unit.

Handle Leaks in Ducts

One of the tasks of an AC repair technician is checking for leaks in the ducts. The ducts are tasked with the role of directing the air into the rooms. When these ducts become worn out and get torn, hot air gets into the AC and affects its efficiency. If the ducts wear out near the vents and leakages occur, it leads to cool air going out thus leading to a minimum or no cooling effect. The unit spends more energy to deliver the cooling you require.

If you experience musty smells or the smell of mold when the air conditioner is running, you need to check the ducts. You need to bring in a technician to check whether there are leaks in your ducts and seal them off to improve the efficiency of the system.

Consider Pre-season Repair and Maintenance

The summer season is the time you need your air conditioner the most. This is the time when allergens, dust, and pollen are in the air and need to be removed. It is therefore ideal that you get a technician to check your air conditioner before the season starts. For this task, you need the help of a qualified technician to check all areas of the air conditioner and perform the necessary changes.

The technician checks the air conditioner right from the indoor unit to the duct to the outdoor unit. He looks for areas that need to be replaced or repaired and performs the necessary changes. Performing a pre-season checkup is essential because it helps you avoid the discomfort that comes with your unit failing in the middle of summer and exposing you to heat.

Replace Old Systems with Newer Efficient Models

If you have had your air conditioner for more than ten years, you need to purchase a better one. As technology changes, the newer models come with better technology to make the unit energy efficient. Do you know that by replacing a 12-year model with a new qualified unit can save you up to 30 percent in heating and cooling costs? You can consult with your technician to know the right brand for your home.

In Closing

A few tips help you cut down the costs of energy due to the use of your air conditioning unit. Make sure you keep your coils and filters clean, handle leaking ducts, perform regular maintenance and get a better model to keep these costs as low as possible.


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