AC Repair in Miami, FL

Residential Air Conditioning and Maintenance

When installing a new air conditioning system, you can’t just choose any air conditioning system for your home. Installing a new AC system is an amazing opportunity to ensure that your home will be cool for years to come. What exactly are we talking about? Not every AC unit fits your needs and your home. That’s why working with experts from the start is the safest way to get what you want and to save money at the same time. Chills Air Conditioning has highly trained comfort experts who will offer you their expertise, and they will answer all your questions. We provide complete and professional air conditioning service to you.

Air conditioning repair service

You’re probably not at your happiest moment when you need air conditioning repair service, but the truth is that AC repair doesn’t have to be a headache. We’re completely ready to take care of any repair service that you need. We service all brands of air conditioners, and we guarantee you complete satisfaction.

Residential air duct cleaning service

A lot of people think that they can clean air ducts in residential buildings, but you should not do that. Professional residential air duct cleaning services use specialized vacuums and brushes that you can’t find in your home. Call us, and we will clean your air duct quickly and professionally. Having a clean HVAC system means that less energy is used, and that will save you money.

New air conditioners

If you think that the time for installing new residential air conditioning unit has finally come, call us. Upgrading your old AC unit might be more affordable than you think. The correct installation makes a big difference. If your unit is installed incorrectly, you will get a problematic system that does not meet all your needs.

Our team will also look for ways to improve your AC system, and they will provide full air conditioning service to you. If you wish to inform yourself more, here are the 4 most important areas that our team will look to improve:

AC Efficiency

We will set up your AC unit quickly, or we will make sure that your old AC unit is running at maximum efficiency. Your AC unit will be set to factory specifications, and it will work like a new one.

Air Quality

We will not just set up or repair your unit; we will also clean other areas that come in contact with the air. This will greatly reduce the risk of growing bacteria.

System Reliability

Our team will inspect your residential air conditioning unit and find any developing issues. Addressing these issues is important because they can cost you a lot of money in the future.

Customer Education

It’s your home, and you need to know everything about it, we understand that. We’re happy to educate our customers about their AC units, and we will even provide you with some helpful tips which will make your unit work better, and it will improve the longevity of it.

At Chills Air Conditioning we can make sure you have an air conditioning system that will keep your home comfortable, even when the temperature outside hits triple digits.

All preventative packages include:

  • Inspection of all refrigerant levels
  • Inspection of all electrical components and controls
  • Inspection of condenser
  • Replacement of filter(if applicable) / clean washable filter
  • Inspection of evaporator coil
  • Inspection of condenser coil
  • Lubrication of all motors
  • Check thermostat condition
  • Algaecide
  • Inspection of UV lights (if applicable)
  • Inspection of complete unit for efficiency
  • Check compressor and condenser amps
  • Check contractor points
  • Inspect, clean and test electric heat strips

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