American Standard Air Handlers


Platinum ZV

Air Handler

Using innovative variable-speed technology, this American Standard air handler provides your home with reliable and efficient comfort year round. Together with AccuLink™ communicating technology, this HVAC air handler helps deliver cleaner air and less moisture.


Platinum XV

Air Handler

Variable-speed technology provides quiet startups and shutdowns with greater humidity control and energy savings.

  • Comfortable, even cooling and heating from room to room
  • Humidity control and balance
  • Quiet operation

Gold XM

Air Handler

Built to meet the needs of a variety of systems, the Gold XM Air Handler unit’s design helps ensure exceptional air flow and comfort. Plus, this residential air handler can help manage your household budget with its efficient performance.


Gold XI

Air Handler

A powerful blower motor makes this HVAC air handler unit an efficient and reliable option for air control. Plus, this energy-efficient air handler offers a unique design that prevents irritants from entering your air.


Gold SI +

Air Handler

Designed to maximize energy efficiency, this central air handler unit delivers reliable performance at an affordable cost. Plus, thanks to its multi-speed fan motor, this efficient air handler delivers more even circulation to your entire home while also reducing your energy costs.


Gold SI

Air Handler

This high-efficiency air handler helps provide comfortable, conditioned air all year long. Plus, with this multi-speed air handler, you get improved air circulation, making your home much more enjoyable.


Silver XI

Air Handler

Designed to maximize energy efficiency and reduce energy costs, this central air handler delivers reliable performance and affordable comfort. This home air handler helps provide more even temperatures so there is less need to adjust your thermostat, reducing your energy costs.


Silver SI

Air Handler

Using a home air handler unit hellps deliver even heating and cooling throughout your entire home, guaranteeing comfort both day and night. This American Standard air handler unit is designed to meet the needs of a variety of systems, while also providing your home with quiet, efficient airflow that’s easy on your wallet.


Silver Series SI

Air Handler

Designed to meet the needs of a variety of systems, this small air handler provides quiet, efficient airflow that’s easy on your wallet. This compact air handler helps deliver more even heating and cooling to every room in your home.

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