Air Conditioning and HVAC Services in Pinecrest

Chills Air Conditioning

Your air conditioner has failed you when you need it most? Or you simply haven’t found one before the beginning of Summer? It happened to all of us.

Luckily, there’s a way to avoid all that. Chills Air Conditioning is here to help. Our team of experts performs all kinds of AC-related services, and with one call, you’ll have a working unit in your home in no time.

You deserve to only work with the best, and our company provides exactly that. We carry products of the highest quality from brands such as TraneCarrier, RheemAmerican StandardGoodman, and Mitsubishi. Check out some of the services we offer and give us a call, no matter if you need AC repair or air duct cleaning in Pinecrest.

Miami HVAC Services Offered

  • Air Conditioning Repair You live in Florida – You deserve to have a working AC. Don’t let your unit stay broken! For all Pinecrest ac repair services, contact Chills Air Conditioning. Our experts will make sure your home is chilled in no time.
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance Regular maintenance is what separates a working AC from a broken one. Apart from doing repair and ac installation in Pinecrest, our company will do regular maintenance to ensure your unit is working properly throughout the year.
  • Heating Repair Some days, the Florida sun doesn’t shine so bright, and you need some help warming up the home. If your heater isn’t working, contact Chills Air Conditioning. We do all kinds of Pinecrest ac repair services, including heating repair
  • Air Duct Cleaning Making sure the ventilation is clean is one of the services our company offers. So, for any air duct cleaning in Pinecrest you may need, give us a call.
  • Residential Make your home an enjoyable space by adding a residential air conditioning unit. For AC installation in Pinecrest, contact Chills, the best AC company in the area.
  • Commercial Your working space should be treated as well as your home. You spend almost as much time there. If your company needs AC installation in Pinecrest, contact Chills Air Conditioning.