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5 Ways to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

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We are all familiar with the following scenario: your air conditioner isn’t working, or your house doesn’t have one, and the heat is so unbearable that you simply can’t relax, do anything around the house, or even sleep with all the tossing and turning in your bed that makes you want to jump out of your own skin. Of course, …

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How to Store Your Air Conditioning Unit for the Winter

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Each time summer goes away for its well-deserved vacation and winter approaches, we start exchanging our summer rituals for winter ones, and one of those winter rituals is definitely storing air conditioner, namely the outside unit. In case you didn’t know, there are actually two very different ways to store your Air Conditioning Unit: Taking it down from your window …

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5 Air Conditioner Problems to Avoid

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Prevention is the better than cure. Especially when it comes to AC repair. Our guide will help you prevent these problems in the first place. You’ll also learn the tell-tale signs to watch out for. Add these simple checks to your routine. You could see the difference in your utility bills and feel benefits of better performance from your HVAC …

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Top Ten Things About Air Conditioning

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Most homes in warm climates have air conditioning. For some, air conditioning may be a luxury, but for many, it is a necessity. These ten points should make a consumer more aware of the air conditioning system and better able to care for it and use it well. Should it become necessary to replace that system, seek out a qualified …

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Before You Buy a Room Air Conditioner

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Although a central air conditioning system may be best for some households, they do come with a high price tag and require expert installation. They also cost more to operate than a smaller room air conditioner. For this reason, when only a certain room or area of the home requires cooling, a room air conditioner may be the best choice. …

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How to Dispose of an Old Air Conditioner

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You can actually make money when you dispose of your air conditioner. Air conditioners, regardless of type, all contain some form of cooling refrigerant. According to the Environmental Protection Agency: “Many window air-conditioning units and dehumidifiers contain hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerant. CFCs and HCFCs are ozone-depleting substances (ODS) that, if released to the environment, destroy the ozone layer. Moreover, CFC and …

Find the Right Size Window Air Conditioner for Every Room

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When it is a tie for air conditioning in the heat of summer, knowing which type of air conditioner to buy makes all the difference. You may need a whole house central air conditioner, a portable air conditioner, a built-in wall-mounted air conditioner, or simply a window air conditioner. Then you need to know which type of AC unit you …

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The Basics of 240/250-volt Air Conditioner Circuits

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While most small plug-in appliances and electrical fixtures in your home operate on 120-volt circuits and are plugged into ordinary outlet receptacles, larger appliances—including electric stoves, electric dryers, electric water heaters, and larger air conditioners—are powered by 240/ 250-volt circuits. Sometimes these larger appliances are “hardwired”—meaning that the circuit wires are connected directly to the appliances—but other larger appliances are …

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Common Air Conditioner Problems

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One of the most common air conditioning problems is improper operation. If your air conditioner is on, be sure to close your home’s windows and outside doors. For room air conditioners, isolate the room or a group of connected rooms as much as possible from the rest of your home. Other common problems with existing air conditioners result from faulty …