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Should You Buy an AC? Pros and Cons.

It’s hard to imagine your home or office space without cooling during the hot summer months nowadays. While it’s extremely uncomfortable to walk around in your working shirt in summer it’s not the worst problem [...]

How to Clean Air Ventilation Ducts by Yourself

Electrical and mechanical devices require attention and maintenance. Regular and preventive maintenance guarantees extended service life and proper functioning. With air conditioners, it is extremely important to maintain and clean the vents, not only to [...]

Dual Hose vs. Single Hose – Which Portable Air Conditioner Is Better

Looking for a solution to cool your office, garage or room that’s beyond the reach of your current AC system? You are probably investigating your options, trying to find the best solution. The very first [...]

How to Make Your Air Conditioner Work More Efficiently? 5 Steps Guide

With air conditioning accounting for between 30-50% of the average household's electricity bill, many of you are wondering how to reduce these costs. And with simply turning off your air conditioning unit not really being [...]

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