Indoor Air Quality Testing and Inspections in Miami

UV Lights

Contrary to popular belief indoor air can be one of the poorest qualities of air you breathe. By leaving our windows shut, air is constantly recirculated throughout our homes. Over time this air becomes stagnant and bacteria, molds, and yeasts become concentrated. These concentrations can cause inflammation of mucous membranes, upper respiratory problems, and aggravate asthma and other breathing ailments. Molds, bacteria yeast and viruses are naturally occurring contaminants that infiltrate every home and office. Micro-organisms are living creatures that are so small a microscope is required to view them. HEPA air cleaners are efficient enough to capture many molds and bacteria, but the micro-organisms remain alive, continuing to grow and reproduce directly on the filtration equipment. The Bio-Fighter germicidal ultra-violet light system is a whole house solution, keeping your air conditioning coils and duct work clean.


Air Filters

Electromaze filters are permanent washable air filters that will help you save money while filtering the air in your home. Electrostatic air filters work by producing a static charge that traps particles into the filter like a magnet. There are many benefits of using these filters over other types; which include efficiency, durability, and maintenance.


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