7 Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Running But Not Cooling: AC Troubleshooting

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It’s summer in the city, the mercury is in the nineties, the asphalt is melting on the roads and even with the air-conditioning in your car working full-blast, you feel more like a sweat-soaked rag than a human being by the time you get home from work. You finally reach the sanctuary of your own home, turn the AC to …

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Can Air Conditions Help Reduce Indoor Air Pollution?

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You may have experienced a few days this June when you thought about turning on the air conditioning.  Air conditioners help keep us cool and comfortable during the summer but how do they affect indoor air pollution and our health? Air conditioners are beneficial in so much as they help circulate and filter indoor air.  Almost all air conditioners contain …

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What Does an Air Conditioner Actually Do?

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It seems obvious, right? Your air conditioner makes your home cooler. Well, while this is the eventual outcome, your air conditioner actually does much more than that. We’re going to talk about the four main functions of your air conditioner and how it performs those functions to cool your home. Removing heat from the air Believe it or not, creating …

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7 Surprisingly Cool Facts about Air Conditioning

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As we approach summer and temperatures begin to soar, it’s nice to know that there are always cool places you can escape to. It wasn’t always like that. Modern air conditioning was invented in 1902 and has changed the way we live, work and play. Here are 7 cool facts about AC that you probably didn’t know: Electric fans came …

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Get your HVAC unit ready before summer

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The ability of your HVAC unit to face the heat of a typical summer can ensure you stay in climate-controlled comfort through the “dog days.” Because of this, Shelby Strang and Faye Gibson of Peninsula Heating and Air in Hayes recommend making sure your unit and home are prepared before temperatures reach their peak. Gibson highlighted regular maintenance and tune-ups, …

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How to Keep Birds Out of The Air Conditioner

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It’s troublesome to find birds using your window air conditioner as their stomping grounds or building a nest in your air conditioning unit. Bird droppings are unsightly, carry disease and could even keep your unit from functioning properly. The constant noise that the birds make may disturb your sleep. No one wants to be responsible for the death of any …

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How to maintain and upgrade your system

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Hot, sunny weather is just around the corner. That means it’s time to get your air conditioner in shape. Here’s how to get the best out of your A/C this summer, with practical tips on maintaining and upgrading your system. Maintenance Change or clean the filter. A simple DIY way to maintain your air conditioning in great working order is …

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Choose The Ideal Air Conditioning Unit

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In recent years, technology has become an import part of our lives. This makes it clear that people are adapting to new technology to live better life. The air conditioner is one such technology which allows the user to sleep and live comfortably even if the temperature outside soar high. When summer arrives, the temperature rises and then the requirement …

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What Size AC Unit do I Need for my House (Calculator)

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When air-conditioners first became widely available in the 1980’s they were big, clumsy, noisy, inefficient contraptions. If you wanted to be sure of staying cool, it was definitely a case of the bigger, the better. Technology has advanced a lot since then and today’s AC units are sleek, efficient and relatively noiseless by comparison. Size still matters though, but now …