Technician Fixing Air Conditioner

How to Avoid Getting Ripped off By AC Repair Man

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Although we all rely heavily on our air-conditioning to keep us comfortable, when it comes to how they actually work, most homeowners don’t know their compressors from their condensers, leaving them vunerable to being taken advantage of by unscrupulous repairmen. The best way to avoid this is to try to gain at least a rudimentary knowledge of how your system …

Air conditioning units

How Long Does A Central Air Conditioner Last?

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With the winter finally behind us and warm weather approaching, homeowners across the country are looking nervously at their aging air conditioner units and wondering if it will make it through another season or will they be left suffocating in the heat and humidity at the height of summer as they wait for the repairman to give them the bad …

Allergic to Air Conditioning

Can You Be Allergic to Air Conditioning?

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Do you find yourself sneezing every time you turn on the air conditioner? If you do, you’ve probably asked yourself are you allergic to air conditioning? It would seem a reasonable conclusion to make if you are suffering from what appear to be air conditioner allergy symptoms, but does such an allergy exist? Can you be allergic to air conditioning? …

Air Conditioner not Blowing

Why is My Air Conditioner not Blowing?

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There’s nothing worse than turning the AC on, hearing all the right noises and seeing all the right lights, but not feeling that welcome blast of cool air. After a moment of confusion, you realize the awful truth — the AC is running but not blowing air. And that’s when you start to panic — not only are you stuck …

Compressor repair

R22 AC Compressor Repair and Replacement Options

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If your air conditioner is over 10 years old, it probably uses R22 refrigerant. This refrigerant, commonly known as Freon, was first introduced in the 1950s and quickly became the standard refrigerant used in the HVAC industry. It was not until a few decades later that it was identified as one of the main contributors to ozone depletion. Production and …

Blocked Air Filter

Reasons Behind Air Conditioner Running Continuously (Won’t Shut Off)

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The hum of air conditioning has become such a part of everyday life, that it’s something we hardly notice anymore. However, it’s worth focussing your attention on it every now and then as the sounds your AC unit makes are an important tool in diagnosing potential problems. If you notice, for example, that your air conditioner is running continuously, without …

AC Compressor Failure

7 Common Causes of AC Compressor Failure

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One of the most serious issues that your AC unit can develop is air conditioner compressor problems. If the refrigerant is the lifeblood of your system, then the compressor is its heart. Its job is to compress the refrigerant gas and pump it through the system. AC compressor failure could lead to you having to replace the entire unit, which …

Air Conditioner Refrigerant (Freon)

How to Detect Air Conditioner Refrigerant (Freon) Leak

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A refrigerant leak is one of the worst things that can happen to your air conditioner. If you have an older model, the chances are that the refrigerant it uses is Freon, a CFC gas that is harmful to both your health and the environment. Newer models will probably use more health and environment-friendly refrigerant, but even so, you can’t …

Air Conditioner to Freeze Up

Causes Behind Ac Unit Freezing Up (Frozen AC Coils)

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With the proper care and maintenance, your air conditioner will give you years of service. Unfortunately, even the best maintained AC unit can go wrong at times. Sometimes, it can be immediately obvious that there is a malfunction, like when you start to hear noises you’ve never heard before coming from your vents or outside unit, at other times, the …

Sick from Air Conditioning

Can You Get Sick from Air Conditioning

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Air-conditioning must be one of the greatest inventions of the previous century. Not only does it provide us with our livelihood, but it also makes our modern, urban way of life possible. Seriously, could you imagine summer in the city without air-conditioning? But, as with all progress, there are those out there who swear that air-conditioning is slowly killing us, …