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How to Clean Black Mold on Air Conditioner Vents

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Air conditioner vents can be breeding grounds for black mold. Condensation forms in the coils and ducts as cool air circulate through the system, creating a habitat for moisture-loving mold. Black mold can cause severe respiratory symptoms, particularly in people who are allergic to mold. After ac vent cleaning, inspect walls and insulation to find the source of the black …

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Top 5 Air Conditioning Tutorials You Need to Read

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Air conditioning systems come in a variety of styles and energy efficiency measured in SEER. Current regulations require at least a 13 SEER system with SEER ratings going as high as 21. Some systems work as an add-on to a forced air furnace (central air) which relies upon existing heating duct for cool air distribution. Other systems are designed for …

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How Does an Air Conditioner (AC) Work?

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An air conditioner (AC) in a room or a car works by collecting hot air from a given space, processing it within itself with the help of a refrigerant and a bunch of coils and then releasing cool air into the same space where the hot air had originally been collected. This is essentially how air conditioners work. Imagine that …

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An Introduction to Home Air-Conditioning Systems

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Home air-conditioning systems come in several designs, ranging from massive central systems operated by an outdoor compressor to small portable room units that operate as freestanding floor units or window-mounted appliances. No matter what form they take, air conditioning systems all have some basic design engineering in common. In this tutorial, we will review the most commonly used air conditioning …

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Why Your Indoor Air Quality Should Be Tested?

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Indoor air quality? What a phrase, right? You might think: “What on earth is this and why should it concern me?” Well if, you’ve never heard of it and don’t quite know what it is, now is the best time to learn about it and its importance! Let Chills lead the way! Indoor air quality testing is important for several …

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The Invention That Changed the World

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On July 17, 1902, a young research engineer initialed a set of mechanical drawings designed to solve a production problem at the Sackett & Wilhelms Lithography and Printing Company in Brooklyn, New York. These were not the first drawings that 25-year-old Willis Carrier had prepared on behalf of his new employer, the Buffalo Forge Company. Since graduation from Cornell University …

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How a Central Air Conditioner Works

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When the heat of spring, summer, and early fall comes rolling in, it’s nice to have some type of cooling system in place in your home to be able to beat the heat. Some people have portable window air conditioners to cool the home, while others have central air conditioners. Two Different Coils Used to Cool Your Home Central air …

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Air Conditioners

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What’s the best way to cool down your kitchen on a hot summer’s day? If your immediate answer is “Open the refrigerator door,” you’re way off target! Every bit of heat a refrigerator sucks in through its cool box is pumped straight out of the metal fins at the back. If anything, because of the sheer inefficiency of the machine, …

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How to Help a Window Air Conditioner Drain Better

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Not only does air conditioning lower the temperature inside your home no matter how hot the day, but it also removes humidity from the air. As the cold refrigerant inside your window air conditioner circulates through the evaporator (an indoor cooling coil) the warm air inside your home creates condensation — like steam on a bathroom window during a shower. …