During the hottest time of the year, noticing a problem with your AC unit can be stressful. One of the most concerning things you can discover is the AC leaking water. There are many reasons why you might have a leaking air conditioner, and some of them are no cause for concern while others require extensive repairs. Here are some of the most common reasons why Miami homeowners experience their air conditioner leaking in the summer months and the right way to solve them.

1. There Is an AC Drain Clogged

Every air conditioner unit does not just cool the home; it also removes humidity from the air. When warm, humid air circulates around the evaporator coil of your AC unit, it will collect. This moisture is directed to a container under it to drain and exit the system. When the moisture cannot exit the collection pan, it can lead to a leaking air conditioner.

Over time, you can get an AC drain clogged due to things that enter the AC unit like dirt, yard debris, mineral deposits, trash, and more. These substances accumulate in the drain and stop the moisture from exiting the collection pan as it should. A professional can visit your home to take care of unclogging the drain. HVAC technicians can also outfit your unit with a unique safety device that will turn off the AC unit in the event that the drain is blocked. This can avoid your AC leaking water and damaging your home as a result.

In order to avoid getting an AC drain clogged in the future, you can schedule preventative maintenance or learn how to clean the drain on your own. Cleaning the drain is very simple, and performing it once or twice a year can keep your system as efficient as possible and avoid other issues from occurring.

2. The Condensate Pump Is Broken

Installation Service Fix Repair Maintenance of an Air Conditioner Indoor Unit by Cryogenist Technican

In some cases, your air conditioner leaking is not a sign of an overflowing water collection pan but instead a sign that the condensate pump is malfunctioning. The condensate pump in your air conditioning system helps push water out of the system, and they are typically used when the drains for your home are located higher than the unit. Gravity will not push the water out, so it must be forcibly pushed out.

Even if you do not have an AC drain clogged, the water from your air conditioning system can collect in the pan and start to leak. An HVAC professional can take a look at the pump and see whether or not it is in need of repair or replacement. Once the pump has been replaced, this should stop your issue with the air conditioner leaking and allow water to be removed from the system correctly again.

3. The Evaporator Coil Is Broken or Cracked

Suppose your leaking air conditioner has minimal condensation present outside of it and not a large pool of water. In that case, it’s a sign that the water could be leaking off of the evaporator coil and not even entering the pan or exiting through the condensate line. This means that you do not have an AC drain clogged, and instead, you will need to repair or replace the evaporator coil to allow for correct draining. Your HVAC professional can clean off the coil to ensure proper function and ensure that there is no air conditioner leaking.

4. Dirty Air Filters for Your HVAC System

Are you doing a good job changing the air filters in your air conditioner? If your air filters are not changed regularly and have dirty air filters, it can limit airflow to the unit. The lack of a clean air filter leads to the evaporator coils freezing and dripping, which floods the collection pan with water, leading to your AC leaking water. You are probably overdue if you cannot remember the last time you changed your filter.

An HVAC technician can change your dirty air filters for you to see if that assists with the freezing problem. In some cases, dirty air filters can actually lead to other issues with the AC unit, so more repairs might be necessary to prevent a leaking air conditioner from continuing to be a problem.

5. The Temperature Outside Is Too Cold for Proper Air Conditioner Function

Person Holding Remote and Lowering the Temperature on the AC

Some homeowners like to keep their homes cold throughout the year. While this is not always a problem in the hot Miami summers, it can lead to an AC leaking water when the temperatures outdoors are too cool. Proper AC function can only occur when the outdoor temperature is 60 degrees or higher. The coils might freeze if you try to operate your unit when temperatures are below that.

Whenever the coils inside of your air conditioner freeze, the water that has adhered to the surface will eventually thaw and lead to an overflow in the collection pan. This leaking air conditioner sign does not mean that something is wrong with the unit. Instead, it’s simply a sign that you should avoid using your air conditioner when the exterior temperatures are too low. Adjust your usage, and the problem will fix itself.

6. Your Drip Pan Has Cracks or Damage 

In other cases, the issue is not overflowing in your drip pan but a problem with the drip pan itself. The drip pan for your air conditioner was designed to last for at least a decade. However, problems can occur that require replacement before that deadline. If you have holes or cracks in your drain pan, it could appear that there are problems with your air conditioner system.

An HVAC technician can visit your home to examine your drain pan. If it has been damaged, holes, or extensive cracking, they can replace the drain pan and ensure that the signs of leaking are all gone.

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