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Air Conditioning and Heating Systems Aren’t That Different

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Have you ever wondered how AC units and heating units work? Unless you’ve used a heating air conditioning service recently and you probably haven’t in awhile due to the great weather we’ve been having in Miami. To feed your curiosity, I am going to explain the difference between the types of systems that keep you happy while at home. There …

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Why are Air Purifiers Great

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Millions of Americans suffer from seasonal or airborne allergies and look to drugs or supplements for relief. While some people benefit from a pharmaceutical solution, many try more natural approaches to controlling their symptoms. From remedies like local honey to Neti Pot saline rinses, most remedies only help once you have the symptoms of allergies but what about removing the …

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Ride Out The Heat With These Cool AC Tips

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It’s getting hotter in Miami and while that happens every year, many citizens make the choice to have a proper air conditioning unit installed so they can watch the mercury rise on television from the comfort of their cooled homes. Regardless of whether you’ve got one of these handy accessories connected now or are looking to buy one, there are a …

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Not Always Balmy In Sarasota

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Picture yourself in Sarasota, Florida. What comes to mind? Most people, especially those who brave the winter months in freezing temperatures, picture white sandy beaches where the temperature wouldn’t dare surpass 80 degrees. They imagine cool mornings greeted by comfortable afternoons and a night’s temperature that could rock a baby to sleep. If this is what you think of when …

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The Key To Office Productivity

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Productivity in the office space is a popular subject not only for small startups, but for large corporations. Startups in San Francisco are now replacing conference tables with ping pong tables in hopes of increasing productivity. Their approach is if their employees are happier they will be more productive. Ping pong tables are luxuries most companies can’t afford. Well, there’s …

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Why Clean Air Ducts are Important

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The hot months of summer are right around the corner, which means that you’ll be running the AC in your home to help beat the heat. Besides making sure that everything is in working order, most people don’t realize just how dirty their system actually is. Many heating and cooling professionals don’t even bring up regular cleaning of your systems …