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The Best Central Air Conditioning Units of 2017

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Central Air Conditioning Units Review Why Buy a Central Air Conditioner? The dog days of summer are hot, humid and hard to endure if you don’t have an effective way to cool your home. Installing a central air conditioner is an excellent way to make your home comfortable during the summer months. Today’s central air conditioning units are more effective, …

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Could Your Air Conditioner Be Making You Sick?

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A few steps can help ensure that indoor air isn’t bad for your health On a scorching summer day, air conditioners do more than help you stay comfortable indoors. They help protect against such serious maladies as heatstroke and filter out some pollutants and allergens. Air conditioners can be especially important for people with lung or heart disease who might …


How Air-Conditioning Conquered America (Even the Pacific Northwest)

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Air-conditioning has been remarkably good at creating demand for itself. It enabled the sweeping postwar development of the South, where all new single-family homes today include central air. In automobiles, it made the commutes between air-conditioned homes and air-conditioned offices possible. In the Southwest, its arrival facilitated new methods of rapid construction, replacing traditional building designs that once naturally withstood …

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Five Easy Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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There are few routine household maintenance chores that pay off more than keeping a maintenance schedule for your air conditioning unit. Not only will you give yourself the best chance at staying cool all summer and avoiding emergency breakdowns, but you’ll also save money on your energy bills. A well maintained AC unit will run more efficiently, use less energy, …

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10 Ways To Save Energy When Air Conditioning Is A Must

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There are ways to keep cool without turning on your air conditioner, but when the summer temperatures start busting the 90 (or 100!) degree mark daily, or the humidity makes it feel like you’re swimming through a bowl of soup, sometimes air conditioning is a must. Stay cool and save money with these energy saving tips: 1. Keep the AC …

American Standard Air worth investment?

Are American Standard Air Conditioners Worth the Investment? – Let’s Find Out!

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Finding the right air conditioning system can be a real hassle. You might be conscious about energy efficiency, warranties, distinctive system features, or other equally important things which can make or break a deal when you go out brand-hunting. Aside from all this, most of the time, your decision has to be made swiftly, especially when you are searching to …

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Central Air Conditioners Buying Guide

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Buy the right central air conditioning system with help from this expert, unbiased guide. This article includes anticipating cost, selecting size, scrutinizing warranties, and more. If you’re thinking about installing or replacing a central air conditioner, you’re probably aware that this is one of the most significant home improvements you can make in terms of comfort. On a hot, humid …

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Police: AC units a welcome mat for home burglars

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Police say first-floor window air conditioning units can provide a not so cool way for a burglar to break into your house or apartment. Often it’s a case of just pushing in a unit, especially if it’s not screwed in or reinforced with heavier material. But, how many people do the extra work making sure the AC unit is secure? …