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The Superior Technology Behind the “Ductless Mini Splits” AC by Mitsubishi

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One of the hottest AC trends to hit the market this summer was the Mitsubishi ductless mini split air conditioning unit. They offer an alternative way to cool rooms in homes or in commercial spaces that don’t offer AC. As with all things from the Japanese multinational manufacturer, the technology behind Mitsubishi AC is swift and superior to others on …

Ygrene Works

Go Green with Ygrene’s Zero Down AC Financing

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Making your home as green as possible just got easier with AC financing through Ygrene Works. If you’ve been looking to do your part to help preserve the planet, and need a new air conditioner at the same time, this is the solution you’ve been looking for. These days, everyone understands it might be difficult to come up with the …

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Air Conditioner Accessory Must Haves That Keep You Cool

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Now that things are getting hotter, you want to be sure everything about your air conditioner is working properly. From the AC unit installation to air conditioner replacement parts, we offer everything you need to keep your cool when it’s hot. That even includes the air conditioner accessories you need. Getting the right smart controls should be at the top …

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Air Conditioning and Heating Systems Aren’t That Different

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Have you ever wondered how AC units and heating units work? Unless you’ve used a heating air conditioning service recently and you probably haven’t in awhile due to the great weather we’ve been having in Miami. To feed your curiosity, I am going to explain the difference between the types of systems that keep you happy while at home. There …

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Why are Air Purifiers Great

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Millions of Americans suffer from seasonal or airborne allergies and look to drugs or supplements for relief. While some people benefit from a pharmaceutical solution, many try more natural approaches to controlling their symptoms. From remedies like local honey to Neti Pot saline rinses, most remedies only help once you have the symptoms of allergies but what about removing the …