When it comes to running a hotel successfully, all owners agree that one of the critical factors is minimizing energy and maintenance costs. On that end, choosing the suitable AC in the hotel rooms can make a significant impact not just on the hotel’s budget but on your guests’ overall experience as well. 

Regarding hotel air conditioners, there are several options to choose from, and there are several aspects to consider: how much noise do they make while running? How efficiently can they regulate the temperature? What about long-term usage? And let’s not forget that the initial price tag is also something that many of us will prioritize when choosing a unit. 

All this can become pretty overwhelming, leaving hotel owners and managers unsure about the right hotel air conditioner choice. As such, in this article, the team here at Chills Air Conditioning has put together the ultimate buying guide that will tackle the most frequently asked questions and help you choose the best system for your needs. 

Understanding Hotel AC Units

Central AC Systems

When looking at the different AC systems in hotel rooms, you will often see layouts serving several rooms within one guest unit. These are the go-to choice for multi-bedroom or studio units, with several zones to keep every area comfortable throughout a given stay. 

These systems are effective and quite sophisticated. Their installation will involve quite complex ductwork, separated cooling and heating equipment, and advanced central control systems – all of which should be installed by a skilled expert. Needless to say, the costs will also be substantial. However, these units are among the most sensible options in terms of energy efficiency and overall comfort for hotel owners and guests. 

Vertical Air Conditioner Systems 

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These units are often used in hotel suites with several rooms. Essentially, they can be considered smaller HVAC systems in places that highly benefit from independent multi-zone cooling and heating in a kitchen-bedroom-bathroom layout. 

The work involved with installing these systems will still be a bit complex and a tad more costly. Still, vertical air conditioners are also among the stellar choices when it comes to overall comfort and energy efficiency. 

For instance, their installation in single-room layouts might be overly costly and make less sense. To maintain energy- and cost-effectiveness, experts will often recommend PTAC units instead, as these systems are also efficient, reliable, and much more sensible for single-room layouts. 

Packaged Terminal Systems

Packaged terminal air conditioners or PTAC units can perform cooling and heating functions in a single-piece unit that can be easily installed within a wall sleeve of each room, usually below windows. 

Because the mechanical parts of the unit are more or less built right into the wall, PTAC units run quietly. They cause no inconvenience for guests who wake up easily or require absolute silence to fall asleep. 

Through-the-Wall Systems

If you are working with a tighter budget but still need an effective system, then you can go with the popular through-the-wall units. At the same time, they aren’t the most energy-efficient systems (especially where the climate is generally hot), which can diminish the significance of any up-front savings. Still, this doesn’t mean you will end up swimming in unpaid utility bills. Just make sure to examine the heating and cooling functions’ BTU ratings to ensure they won’t get overworked. Opting for a more powerful system will keep costs lower in the long run. 

Other Features to Consider

When choosing the AC in your hotel rooms, costs aren’t the only factors you need to consider. The energy these systems consume is also something you need to consider. Apart from that, you want to ensure that the system works well and provides a smooth experience for your guests. Noise levels, reliability, consistency, usability, and maintaining the proper temperature settings are all essential when choosing the best hotel AC unit.

Also, you will want a system that’s reliable in the long term. Chances are, hundreds and thousands of customers will use your systems during their stays, so you want a unit that’s robust enough to keep your ratings high. 

Low Noise Levels

Your hotel AC units should be noiseless, so your guests can get quality sleep. No matter the cause, sleep disruptions in your guests can lead to negative reviews and ratings, so you should opt for a system that works quietly and ensures that even the most reliable units aren’t working past their lifespans. You don’t want to disrupt your operations with significant repairs, and you definitely don’t want to wake your guests up with noisy air conditioner systems. 

Whether you opt for through-the-wall designs or PTAC units, make sure to get a quiet model that’s tried and tested. 

Accurate Temperature Controls

Air Conditioner Remote Control

Another thing you should consider carefully when aiming to provide the best experience for your guests is to get a system up and running that can keep the rooms cool enough. If your guests constantly need to mess around with the AC controls, chances are, they won’t be overly satisfied with their stay.  

To ensure that everything goes smoothly while they’re staying in your hotel, consider installing units that enable you to put the remote thermostat closer to the beds. This can help get a more accurate temperature reading and may also help with making quick adjustments if they are necessary. 

There are also units with remote controls, which can make the adjustments even faster and more convenient. 

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to choosing the right system, weighing the overall costs of ownership is still essential. On the one hand, you want to get a system that will keep utility expenses at a minimum. On the other hand, you also want to show your guests that you are running an environmentally conscious establishment that wastes no energy unnecessarily

To get an efficient system, consider air conditioners with electric heat units with resistive heat pumps, as they can provide highly-targeted cooling and heating for numeral units in a single building, keeping energy expenses significantly lower. These AC units can also offer guests total comfort control, increasing the likelihood of them leaving positive reviews. 

Consult With an Expert

Considering the technology, efficiency, installation costs, maintenance, and long-term system reliability while finding something that will also meet the needs of your guests can be challenging. That’s why it’s essential to seek expert advice. That said, consider reaching out to us at Chills Air Conditioning so we can assess your case, talk about your preferences, and lay out a plan that will fit your needs and hook you up with a reliable and efficient system that won’t be bothersome to your guests.