When running an office, there are quite a few things you need to consider when looking for the right HVAC system that will meet your workspace’s (and employees’) requirements. 

It might sound a bit strange, but getting the best system for the job is crucial, as it can bring several benefits to your business. Just think about it, productivity will be better if your employees are in a cooled environment, breathing in the clean and fresh air. Getting a quiet-running smart HVAC is also advisable as it won’t bother your employees. 

Also, advanced features like comfort control and other smart functions can help them set the right temperature for everybody, avoiding unnecessary arguments. 

So, why should you opt for a VRF unit for your office? Learn all about the benefits of this smart HVAC system and stay cool with Chills AC VRF services after reading this article! 

What Is a VRF System?

You might have heard about VRF HVAC platforms and all their smart features, customizable operations, quiet operation, etc. Still, do you really know what these systems are? Just how different are these platforms from standard split systems that you might have been using for years? How are they different and potentially more sensible options than rooftop units? Let’s get into that, shall we?

As you may know, a traditional HVAC system usually has a massive central unit that works by pumping out air to a given space. VRF or Variable Refrigerant Flow units abandon this traditional layout and instead opt for several smaller air handlers, each of which can be controlled individually. They also don’t have to be piped back into the system together. As the name of the system suggests, this layout enables users to control the refrigerant that flows to each handler separately. Needless to say, a Variable Refrigerant Flow system allows for a level of flexibility and features that are simply unparalleled when compared to older and less advanced systems.

The Benefits of VRF Units

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Consistent Comfort

The compressor of these systems can accurately identify the cooling and heating requirements of each and every zone and use just the required amount of refrigerant for every unit within the system. For instance, this can enable your employees to crank up the cooling in specific spaces, like the computer room or the office that faces South and gets a lot of sun.

Also, comfort control is able to identify and eliminate humidity issues, and hot and cold spots, enabling the entire staff to work in an environment that’s never too humid, hot, or cold but just the right temperature. 

State-Of-The-Art Smart HVAC System

Variable Refrigerant Flow symptoms also employ the latest technological advancements, meaning that you can operate the units via your mobile device, controlling each zone differently. This may even enable you to avoid buying expensive building management software systems in large commercial establishments. 

Experts agree that smart technology is one of the highlights of VRF units because it makes operating them efficient and, well, smart. Apart from delivering proper refrigerant amounts and airflow to each unit, VRF platforms also track system conditions and alert users when maintenance is due. These monitoring features help prolong the life of the entire HVAC system and prevent you from paying massive repair fees.

Quiet Operation

The condensing units will usually be outside with VRF systems, while the small air handlers will usually be quiet, unlike the older models with bulky ductwork and massive central units. This means that the noise from the AC won’t disrupt your workflows, bother your employees who are trying to concentrate or disrupt your business in any way.

Flexible Installation

The compact size of the handlers makes installation exceptionally flexible. Apart from that, there’s no need to have a massive maintenance room and service shafts, bulky ductwork, numerous distribution fans, water pumps, and fluid-circulating pipes to make the entire system work. 

The easier installation also means less space for air conditioning handlers and more free space for business purposes. This can be a massive benefit, especially for smaller office facilities.

Also, these systems need no ducts to work, and the air handlers are small; you can be more flexible with finding handler locations. This makes VRF units for small spaces among the most sensible systems available.

Energy Efficiency

Saving on utility bills and conserving energy should be among the most crucial considerations when you’re looking for an AC unit. VRF systems, on that end, are one of the best platforms. As they are designed to run at different speeds and supply specific refrigerant amounts to different handles, they can run at lower optimal capacity and less frequently, which means that the system is more energy efficient overall. 

Apart from that, the system can also capture heat during the cooling process and channel that heat to different locations where it may be needed. Needless to say, this efficiency will also enable you to save considerably on utility bills and other energy expenses.

Cooling and Heating at the Same Time

Comfort control and zoned comfort allow these units to deliver heat and cooled air into different zones at the same time. As mentioned above, they are able to capture the heat obtained during the cooling process and redistribute it to those areas in the building that require heating. 

More Efficient Maintenance, Less Downtime, Fewer Breakdowns

That said, you can rest assured that the smart VRF system will also be more resistant to breakdowns, and the sensors will always alert users when the system needs maintenance. Lastly, there’s less wear and tear on the platform’s parts as the system runs only when needed and under partial load conditions. 

All this means that these systems will have a good lifespan that can be prolonged even more, as regular maintenance won’t be a significant concern. 

The VRF System Is a Fine Addition to Every Office Space

Whether you manage or own a small business or a larger facility, when you have to deal with subpar climate control, you need a system that can handle all the obstacles you throw at them while remaining efficient and energy-conserving. VRF systems are efficient; their installation is pretty straightforward and can be performed in places where free space is scarce. Additionally, the smart controls enable users to cool or heat different building areas comfortably, catering to everyone’s needs while not overworking the system.

Truly, VRF systems offer several advantages to business owners and office managers. Want to learn more about these HVAC platforms? Feel free to reach out to us so we can help you identify the best units for your needs.