You probably know about Mitsubishi. The Japanese automaker has made quite a few legendary cars, like the Lancer, Gallant, and Eclipse. It has left its mark in motorsports, especially WRC Rally, being one of the most prominent teams along with Ford, Peugeot, and Subaru,

However, did you know that Mitsubishi also excels in making HVAC systems? For instance, the Mitsubishi mini-split is an affordable, reliable, and energy-efficient unit that might be your next best investment if you plan to replace your existing HVAC system.

In this blog post, we will aim to highlight Mitsubishi AC units’ features, emphasizing what mini-splits are.  

On that end, if you are looking for experts who can perform reliable mini-split installation, you can feel free to reach out to us as we’re the team for the job.

What Are Mini-Splits

Mini-splits are ductless systems that consist of two components. One is the unit for air handling inside the house (the evaporator) and the condenser unit, which is outside of the house. The two components are connected with several refrigerant lines containing certain chemicals that are responsible for air-cooling.

When talking about mini-split installation, you should know that the “mini” refers to the size and design of the unit. Both components are compact and sleek, allowing flexible installation. They also take up much less space, making Mitsubishi AC units a fine decision if you are looking for something space-efficient.

Benefits of the Mitsubishi Mini-Split

Let’s see why experts stalk highly about the Mitsubishi Split system.

Ductless Technolgy

This AC system needs no ducts to work. No noisy fans deliver the cool or heated air to the rooms. What this means is that you won’t have to retrofit your house to install the unit’s components.

Not having ducts has other benefits as well. The ductless system also does a great job when it comes to reducing allergens and dust spread in the air. Also, they won’t get caught up in the ducts, weakening the unit’s performance over time.

Better Air Quality and Multi-Stage Filtration

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These Mitsubishi AC units can also ensure that the air in your home is fresher with better circulation. How come? The Mini-split systems come with already installed air filters, and some of them even come with UV light that can kill viruses and bacteria on contact.

Select systems also come with Platinum Deodorizing filters that absorb odors with the help of nanotechnology. 

Furthermore, you can wash the filters, which may last up to ten years. The longevity and the washability of these components make the Mitsubishi AC units even more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Energy-Efficient Units

The Mitsubishi Mini-split is also known for its consistent efficiency. The units aim to use the least amount of energy to keep delivering the desired temperature. You can check out the Mini-split line’s SEER ratings. You’ll be pleased to know that their most efficient models are rated at 26.

A rating as high as this means that the system will work reliably by using the least amount of energy necessary.

The Mini-Split comes with Inverter-Compressor Technology

Traditional HVAC systems are either working or not (on or off). These Mitsubishi AC units work with compressors that are able to ramp down or up, matching each room’s needs to conserve energy and keep everything comfortable. Furthermore, inverter compressors are usually less expensive than rotary compressor-based systems. 

Control Each Zone in the House

The Mitsubishi Mini-Split also lets you control the temperature in each zone of your home independently. You even have the option of turning off the zones that you’re not using. Needless to say, this particular feature even further increases the cost-efficiency of these Mitsubishi AC units and increases their usefulness and practicality at the same time.

Furthermore, the unit measures return air in each zone, adjusting everything automatically. This enables the system to work more precisely than units relying only on the main thermostat. 

Lastly, the Zone Control features enable the users to connect 16 devices to the AC unit without interfering with other wireless systems in the home.

Smart Controls

Needless to say, you probably know by now that these Mitsubishi AC units are smart systems that come with a variety of features. The Kumo app makes it incredibly easy to control the entire HVAC system from any tablet or smartphone anywhere and anytime. 

Programmable Timer

Sometimes, energy efficiency isn’t a case of unit performance but of user handling. We’ve probably all gone through this: we turned the system on in the evening to cool the rooms off a bit, and we accidentally fell asleep leaving the system on all night.

With the Mitsubishi Mini-split system, this won’t be a problem anymore because the unit has a programmable timer that you can set to turn itself off after a certain amount of time. 


Mitsubishi AC units are also known to come with advanced pump technology that enables the products to maintain comfortable room temperatures even in climates that are extremely cold (which, in Miami, won’t be a problem).

Silent System

The products from the Mitsubishi Mini-split line are quiet, operating at a volume of only 19 decibels, which is even lower than a human whisper. The outdoor units are a bit louder (58 decibels), which is still at the level of most restaurant conversations.

Truth be told, Mitsubish outdone themselves as every component of the system works in perfect harmony quietly. There are no sudden clanging noises when the system turns up or off. 

Comfort Above All Else

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These systems also have features that ensure added comfort no matter the temperatures and room. Advanced sensors can monitor occupancy in every zone and adjust the temperature according to specific needs.

Choosing Leading Brands

If you have been following our articles, then you know that we are committed to following the latest trends within our industry and form our services accordingly, making sure that you always get the best recommendations and advice from us prior to accepting a project. When it comes to buying HVAC or AC systems, we can definitely say that Mitsubishi has become an industry leader when it comes to efficiency, environmental friendliness, comfort, and overall technological features.

If you are looking for a new HVAC system and considering mini-split installation, looking into these Mitsubishi units is simply a must. We are talking about a reliable brand that has always been at the forefront of technological innovations no matter which industry we’re looking at. 

Turn to Professionals

This has been a simple “teaser” that aims to highlight what these units are capable of and how they are changing the way homeowners look at HVAC and AC systems. If you want to learn more about these Mitsubishi units and the technology behind ductless systems, or, better yet, you are considering installing such a system in your home, feel free to reach out to us today. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and help you with the installation process.