Regardless of anyone’s political point of view, scientists from all over the world have acquired a substantial amount of data which clearly demonstrate the degree of recent climate change and how we affect those changes. This fact has led many to follow a smart and concise principle known as “Think globally, act locally”, which prompts people to adapt their lifestyle to ecologic standards and thus help sustain the environment.

In order to collectively preserve the planet, each individual needs to make only a few alterations at home to make an ecologically-sound contribution and AC Financing Ygrene is a program which assists those individuals in making that transition financially acceptable with no money up front.

Ygrene Works is an excellent method to acquire energy efficient home features that can also improve your financial situation. Depending on the degree of your eligibility, you may not need to make any payments for up to 29 months.

There are thousands of home improvements which qualify under Ygrene financing program, and one such feature, which can easily and efficiently be improved, is your air-conditioner.

So how does Ygrene work? First off, consider the age of your AC and take a good look at your bills you pay for it. If every season brings new repairs and unexpected extra costs, it is time to consider switching to Ygrene’s new right-sized unit with an Energy Star label, which has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 13 and higher.

This way you get modern and energy efficient AC financing with tax (which depends on your city of residence) and energy saving advantages that can save you 50% in financing costs on average. Your costs can be spread out for up to thirty years and billed to your property taxes. Simple, easy, and clean.