Imagine yourself slowly catching your breath in your living room while the searing heat of prime summer days is scorching the asphalt outside to the point of morphing. You finally got back from work or school or wherever it is you routinely go to and fro; soaking wet, overheated, grumpy, and a bit stupefied by the sun’s glare and all you wish for is a nice cool gust of air coming out of your air-conditioner to chill your face and body. You reach for the remote control, sink your thumb into that ON button and… nothing.

The main question

This poetic scenario is actually one of the most common situations people find themselves in. Why? Neglected AC systems. And you will never know just how tedious and annoying this experience truly is until it happens to you, too. If it did, Godspeed.

However, the more precise question is: why should it happen to anyone to begin with? In fact, it is easy to prevent floating in these dire mechanical straits, you just need to consider the fact that not paying attention to your home features and appliances won’t make them immune to breakdowns. If you don’t possess the sufficient handyman or at least perceptive skills, there is always a professional who can do the job for you.  


Air conditioning services are there to keep your home efficient and wallet fatter on the long run. So not only will your personal space become uncomfortable, you will also lose a lot of money along the way if you fail to pay for expert help on time. Just consider this information: your AC becomes about 5% less efficient each year. Using simple math, you can calculate its average life expectancy, that is, if you wish to ignore all possible mechanical problems in the first place. Just remember, prevention is what keeps your electric bill low. Prevention is what dodges major repairs. Prevention is what comfortable living is all about.

Right timing

There is another important factor in the dramatic opening scenario – summer. The season of summer is obviously the period when your AC use is kicked into high gear. Now, if you want to keep your precious home cooling system healthy and feasible, you have to have it regularly checked and restored to maximum efficiency, especially prior to relentlessly hot days. Springtime is the best time for a thorough inspection and necessary intervention, so make use of its temperate days well.

The AC service

Finally, let’s get technical! Every proper AC service always provides a clear set of examinations and consequential repairs, such as oiling the fan motors, cleaning the condensing unit coils and filters, checking the belts, and testing the operating pressures. Another duty every licensed technician must also attend to is checking how much coolant is in the air conditioner. Bear in mind that high levels of coolant are what make the weather bin more efficient and thus substantially cheaper to operate. It’s always useful to know even a little bit about maintaining an AC and it structure, but it’s still best to leave all the heavy and complex work to the pros.


If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on replacement, once again, take the opening scenario to heart. It is a terrible thing to curse a malfunctioning AC with a dry mouth on a hot summer day. All it takes is a little proactivity, applied knowledge, and a good licensed AC service company. Nothing more. So, do yourself a favor, pick up the phone, and be done with it if you already haven’t.