Many homeowners forget to schedule their annual air conditioning maintenance and just turn the unit on when summer arrives.

The HVAC unit has likely been dormant over winter and turning it on without prior inspection can have costly results. These issues can be avoided simply by scheduling a spring air conditioning tune-up, and there are many benefits to doing so that will last through summer.

Here are five reasons to schedule an HVAC tune-up during the spring:

Reduced potential for summer breakdowns

As the HVAC system lies dormant over winter, mechanical and electrical problems can develop unnoticed. Starting a unit for the first time during the summer heat will put excessive strain on the equipment and can quickly turn any developing issues into major problems. Getting a tune-up early can identify and correct these issues before they worsen and ensure smooth operation during the hottest days of the season.

Increasesd overall lifespan of equipment – Without annual maintenance, minor problems can begin to add up and reduce the overall lifespan of the cooling unit. Scheduling regular tune-ups can correct these individual issues before they cause major components to fail.
Improves energy efficiency – Tune-ups include replacing filters, cleaning the internals and lubricating the mechanical parts of the system. The smoother the system can operate, the more efficiently it can cool the home. This directly translates to reduced energy consumption and lower monthly bills.
May be required for the equipment warranty – Many HVAC equipment warranties actually require that annual maintenance and checkups be performed since regular maintenance can prevent breakdowns and failures that the manufacturer would otherwise be required to pay to fix. If an HVAC unit breaks down more than a year after the last tune-up, the warranty may very well be void.
Improves indoor air quality – Dust, debris and other particles can build up inside the cooling unit during the winter season. Turning the system on without thoroughly cleaning it first can introduce these particles to your living spaces. Getting a tune-up will include cleaning the system and removing these particles before they begin to cycle through the home.
“We want MetroWest homeowners to enjoy the warmer weather and not have to worry about their air conditioners breaking down in the middle of a heat wave,” Nicholson said. “Being proactive and scheduling an HVAC tune-up now can save money and grant a valuable peace of mind for the entire summer season.”