Depending on your location and climate, your AC might pump cold air sporadically or clock in overtime to cool the temperature down. You will learn when to be alerted and when this type of operating is normal, depending on the scenario.

During summer months and peaking heatwaves where temperatures go up to 100 degrees and more, it’s quite normal to have an air conditioner constantly running. Overwhelming heat means that your unit has to work more to maintain the desired temperature in the room where it operates.

If your unit runs all the time, but you don’t feel the effects – you should inspect the system and determine what’s causing the problem.

Why does an AC run all the time with no effect?

Here are the main reasons why you might experience no cooling effects despite the fact the AC runs constantly:

    1.Inadequate unit size – Putting a smaller unit in a larger space is the worst possible scenario. If you opted for an AC that does not meet the minimum requirements based on the space size and other relevant factors, you will not only have to deal with the heat but it’s highly likely your unit could break down. 

Typically, the airflow is normal but the room never gets cooled to the desired temperature or the evaporator coil gets frozen due to the low pressure within the inside unit.

The solution is having an expert measure the heat load and recommend the unit size for your room.

   2.Restricted airflow – To run, your AC needs airflow and basically, if it’s ‘choked’ it won’t run as it should, putting the unnecessary strain on the unit. If you notice that the cool air is getting in but not as much as it should, you should check the airflow.

Check the air filter and ductwork, clear the bits and pieces that potentially block the vents and test it again.

  3.Dirty evaporator or condenser coil – Keeping your air filters clean is vital for AC to run normally, and evaporators and condenser coils fall in the same, mandatory maintenance category. If the evaporator coil is dirty, Freon (the refrigerant) won’t be able to absorb the heat from the warm air it sucked in. 

In the same manner, dirty condensers block the further release of the heat from the Freon. Look for visible signs of dirt on the coils and check if the air from the vent is warm or simply not cool enough.

  4.Low Freon – This fluid is vital for any AC system out there. Making sure there is enough refrigerant is a basic step and if you notice that hot air is being blown out from the vents, a hissing noise from the unit, or that there is a buildup of ice on the outside unit, you should call an expert immediately.

AC system professionals will always find and fix the leak first, then refill the system and make sure that the unit is back on track so that it can cool efficiently as it should.

When to call an expert?

Ok, so you have an AC running constantly – not a problem. It’s quite normal during the hot months. If you, however, notice that the unit runs but with no effects – get help and fix your cooling system.

If you experience any problems and can’t achieve the desired temperature in your room, conduct a basic inspection or call us. Our crew can make sure you get the best from your AC system or determine which unit is best for you and your space. Reach out to us at 866.937.5614 for any questions you may have!