Choosing an AC system for your house or garage can be challenging. Every industry has its technical novelties, and it’s not easy learning about them if you are a layman. Manufacturers and retailers alike will push for the pricier options, but you won’t always need them. 

Benefits of AC

Sometimes the initial cost is not only a long-term investment but a necessity, as we will see below. If you ever had dilemmas about single-stage vs. two-stage AC systems, we will answer all of your questions below.

Single-Stage AC

Single-stage AC uses a simpler compressor unit that can only operate at full capacity. This means that the compressor will always run the same way, despite the settings you make on your AC remote control.

Technically, every time you run your AC, the compressor is on full blast until the system is shut down. That’s it. No changes you make on your AC and desired temperature will affect this. The system shuts down when it achieves the set temperature, jumping back to action at the same pace when the temperature goes up.

Two-Stage AC

Two-Stage AC unit’s compressor has two levels of operations on which it can work: 

  • Low level for milder days/seasons
  • Higher-level for extreme heat/humidity (Same as a full blast on a single-stage AC)

This type of AC will run on the lower level by default until it gets too hot in its operating environment. At that time the unit will switch to the high operating level, blasting at full speed to maintain the temperature within desired levels.

Benefits of two-stage AC over a single-stage unit

two-stage AC

  1. Energy efficiency

With two-stage AC units, efficiency is greater because it takes less energy to adjust while running constantly, compared to the power on and off. 

Single-stage AC runs at one speed and then shuts off when it achieves the set temperature. When the temperature rises – it starts running again. This constant on/off regime consumes more power.

This is why two-stage AC spends less electric energy, resulting in lower electric bills.

  1. Cooling efficiency and comfort

With two-stage units, users experience better cooling and more comfort, especially in warmer and more humid climates. Florida is no different, which is why this type of system is always a good choice.

What about the price tag?

Due to the obvious reasons, two-stage air conditioners are more expensive than their single-stage counterparts. The price difference varies depending on the number of factors such as operating climate, the size of the room, a SEER rating of the unit and others.

If you go for the two-stage unit, the good news is the price difference will be justified and offset by the lower electricity bill over time. Check our financing options out and chill your space efficiently and with ease!

Which one should I get?

Buyers are typically ruled by the two main factors:

  • Their location
  • Their budget

You should always treat your requirements separately and find a tailored solution to fit your needs.

Hotter climates require more cooling output and budget restraints dictate what you can get, though there are financing options that can help. Have someone professional assist you in this process carbon monoxide from ac and help with the right choice. We will gladly answer any questions you may have and get your AC system up and running!