We couldn’t imagine our lives without air-conditioning systems today, especially in areas as hot and humid as Miami. The thing is with any other device,  ACs need regular maintenance to keep going strong.

Sometimes you may overlook the air conditioner filter and before you know it, summer has arrived. As the summer heat and humidity rage on, you run your AC only to notice it’s not quite running as it should. The filter can prove to be fatal for cooling systems if not replaced regularly. To make sure your AC doesn’t die of heat exhaustion, here are a few tips.

Air Filter Function and Why It’s Important

Air Filter Function and Why It’s Important

Air filters in AC units serve as a protective layer between the outside air and the air conditioner. Debris and pollution are kept out of the unit by the filters installed inside. 

Due to this function, the filters get extremely dirty, causing airflow restriction and impairing the work of your air conditioning system. The results of the filter clogging are slower airflow into air ducts, more stress on the AC, impaired cooling and the risk of a complete breakdown.

While AC struggles to maintain the same level of cooling as it did before the filter got clogged, it’s being pushed harder than before due to airflow restriction. Much similar to a person trying to breathe through a piece of cloth. 

Typically there are two main mechanical problems affecting AC units with filthy filters:

  • The compressor failure
  • Air handler failure

In a suboptimal operating state, the AC’s cooling coil gets frozen and causes compressor failure. The air handler failure is another scenario striking the units that work with a filthy air filter for too long. In both scenarios, your unit stops working and you have to call someone for an intervention. With compressors, the bills can go as high $1500!

When to Change Home Air Filters and Which Ones to Choose?

A dirty filter can lead to costly failures and it’s often overlooked. It’s important to change them regularly. Best praxis is changing them once per month to keep the unit operating in an optimal state. During hot summer months, this becomes even more important as AC runs all the time and the flow of air is greater.

Low airflow spells greater energy consumption, and while it typically derives from a dirty AC filter, it can also happen because of inadequate filter selection! If you are zealous about the air and health, the likelihood is great you take care of air filters home as well. But people often make a mistake by buying the HVAC filters with high ‘’MERV rating’’. The rating refers to the density of the net and the ability of the filter to capture the smallest particles – the higher the rating, the smaller the particles it captures.

While successful at filtering air, this type of filter also leads to impaired airflow and ultimately unit failure. If you have a great concern for the air quality, look for air purifiers rather than making this mistake.

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