The dreaded day has come where you need to replace the air conditioning system in your home, or maybe you are building your dream home and have to decide on which air conditioning system to put in. Whatever the situation may be that you find yourself in, choosing the right air conditioning system is a major decision. Selecting a high-efficiency air conditioner will play a vital role on your yearly home expenses.  When the summer heat is taking its toll, you want to make sure that the air conditioner that you buy can stand up to the challenge of keeping you and your family cool when you need it most. So how do you know how to buy the right AC system for you home? Well, to start with, you are going to want to strongly consider investing in a Rheem air conditioner for your home. Here are some things to consider when making the important choice of the right system for your home.

What does a good air conditioning system offer? The very best units will be extremely cost efficient while providing optimal comfort during the extreme heat. In order to keep the impact on your wallet as minimal as possible, you are going to want to research the efficiency rankings of each unit you are considering. Reading reviews can be your best source of information when it comes to the dependability, reliability, and quietness of the unit. Top air conditioning units will deliver conditioned air very quietly with minimal service needs. When it comes to air conditioning, you get what you pay for. If you decide to go with a cheaper system, you will be sacrificing a level of quality that will eventually cost you money in service and repairs in the future. So invest in the best quality system that fits your needs, and you will be rewarded with dependable service year after year with minimal maintenance.

What’s the right size? Choosing the right size is especially important from the standpoint of keeping your home sufficiently cooled while being efficient with energy usage. Having a system that is too small will not be able to keep up with the demands of keeping your home cool and having a system that is too large will result in more cycling (turning on and off) than necessary. Frequent cycling wastes energy and puts the compressor under a lot more stress. A quality contractor will be able to determine the optimal cooling capacity needed for your home depending on a variety of factors.

High-Efficiency Air Conditioner? Today, air conditioning manufacturers are required by law to rate their equipment using a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). The higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit is. Many standard models across various brands typically carry a SEER of 13 (industry standard), while the Rheem Prestige Series has a SEER of 18, making it one of the highest rated in the industry. The higher the SEER, the more expensive it will be, but in the long run you can easily make up for the cost difference in energy bill savings.

What to look for? The compressor is the most important working mechanism of the air conditioning system. Rheem installs only highly advanced scroll compressors in each condensing unit that they produce. They are recognized as the industry leader when it comes to reliability, efficiency, and quietness. You should also make sure that the unit has steel cabinets to protect the condensing coils and a quiet fan.

Contractor? The system you decide on is only as strong as the service behind it that keeps it maintained and running smoothly. Choose a contractor with an excellent reputation that sells high-quality brands. The repair service should be a major concern because when the heat hits, you don’t want to be waiting days to get a simple repair. Chills Air Conditioning of Miami and Sarasota is the best name when it comes to HVAC contractors. Call now for your free quote about Rheem AC installation today at 866.937.5614!