Today’s air conditioning units are quite dependable and long lived but that doesn’t mean you can install one and leave it without maintenance.  Regular check up by professional air conditioning repair companies will help your unit to do its job, lower the need for repairs, save energy and keep your costs down.

Every installed AC unit needs qualified hands to handle it. Even if you do not notice anything wrong in your AC’s functionality, it is always better to have regular check- ups to ensure everything works at maximum efficiency.

Dirty filters and clogged ducts make it operate harder and increase the utility bills. Cleaning or changing your air filters may seem so easy. When the unit is off, you can clean dust using a vacuum and brush and move away leaves and other dirt around your outdoor unit. But is this really a good idea?  Although you might find this too easy, it is better to call a professional service as they use professional vacuum cleaners, brushes and other tools you don’t have in your home.

If you want to have a reliable and safe AC system along with cooled and comfortable home, air conditioning services should be left to professionals. Hiring a professional service to do regular check-ups and preventive maintenance will not only save you money but also spare you from other problems. You need trustworthy and trained professionals to check on your system on regular basis to make sure it’s running in an efficient way.  That’s why we are here!

Our technicians from Chills Air Conditioning in Miami,  will make sure that your refrigerant levels are correct and that there are no leaks. In addition, Chills Air Conditioning hires trained professionals who will test your electrical connections, lubricate the moving parts and adjust them as needed.

Contact us and we will gladly offer your our services as well as special deals, which will remind you when it’s time for you unit to be rechecked again.