AC duct cleaning in Miami is pretty much mandatory. It’s a hot, humid place and it’s only natural that we prefer to feel cool! With the frequent use of our AC systems, build up happens fast, and over time, it affects the efficiency of the AC in our homes and offices.

Air ducts are often explained to be the lungs of a home. They breathe air in and out of the house, we will eventually breathe in this air and rely on it to keep us cool. As dust builds up in the ducts, it gets harder for the system to breathe. Air quality is affected, and so are we.

However, there’s no need to be alarmed, the solution is to get your AC professionally cleaned occasionally! If you need an air duct specialist in Miami, try Chills!

Chills duct cleaning services will make sure to give your air handler, fans, registers, grilles, housings, motors, and HVAC system coils a thorough cleaning. For the highest performance cleaning, Chills uses specialized blowers, vacuums and brushes to clean out the air supply, the air intake and returning ducts throughout the home.

Chills professionals are highly trained and will work with your schedule to find the best time for a cleaning. You can expect a friendly experience! To be educated on the process before, throughout or after the cleaning, and questions to better utilize your cooling system are encouraged!