If you are worried about your dog overheating in the summer, or getting cold in the winter, but aren’t quite ready to open your door and let it in the house, you might want to consider getting an outdoor dog-house with air-conditioning. You can, of course, buy a ready made one but outdoor dog house with air conditioning and heating can be really expensive.

The cheaper option is to build one yourself or add an AC unit to your existing doghouse. Whichever you choose, just make sure the unit is secure and isn’t going to fall on your pooch, or make the doghouse collapse. If you decide to build one yourself, you’ll need a few basic tools and these simple instructions.

What you’ll need:

Wood, Hammer, Nails, Small AC Unit, Posthole Digger, Cement.

Calculate the size the doghouse needs to be, and then dig four post holes, one at each corner, to support the house. It might be a good idea to build the floor frame first so you know exactly where the posts need to go. Using the post hole digger, make the holes deep enough so that one-third of the post is buried, put them in place and pour in the cement. Keep the posts in an upright position until the cement dries so they don’t end up leaning to one side. Adding a layer of gravel to the top will give extra support.

The floor frame is built with four lengths of wood, with support studs every 10 to 12 inches that will rest on the ground. Once you’ve done this, position it about four inches from the ground and nail it to the posts. Lay planks of wood or a sheet of plywood over the frame and you have the floor.

Once the support posts and floor frame are ready, you can start with the walls. Cut these to size and nail them to the posts. Start with the back wall, and don’t forget to cut out a door in the front wall before putting it in place.

Fit the AC unit beneath the floor of the house. You’ll need an electric outlet to plug it into, so make sure this won’t get wet and that the dog can’t chew the wires. Once the AC is in place, seal of the bottom section of the house, put in the floor, and add the roof. Make sure everything is sealed correctly and waterproof and your dog will be as comfortable as you are all year round. If you are not really sure that you’ve done everything right, reach out to our friendly staff at Chills Air Conditioning for any additional questions or suggestions. We are happy to help!