So your air conditioner just went out in the heat of the summer, and you don’t have any idea of who to call. You worry that the repair could be costly, or worse, it would need to be replaced, therefore costing even more money. There are many things to consider when choosing an HVAC company. We have put together the most important aspects for your convenience, and hopefully, can ease your anxiety in the process.

We’ve all heard the awful stories of people getting scammed by contractors who don’t do what they said they would, way overcharge people, or do subpar work. Our goal is to eliminate the stress for anyone in need of air conditioning repairs or replacement. That being said, here are the most important things you should look for when hiring an HVAC company:

  • Check to be sure they belong to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) – This is a great way to know that the company is up to date on all regulations, and they are less likely to take advantage of you.
  • Be sure that any estimates are done in person, after the job has been evaluated by one of the technicians- There is no way that a technician can know what the job entails, before seeing it in person. Don’t trust these companies.
  • Good contractors will encourage you to purchase quality equipment, and the right equipment for the size and nature of your home- Cheaper is not always better, but the same goes for the most expensive. There are factors that go into making that decision.
  • Make sure they are professional- If the company you choose is not timely, or professional in any other manner, you should steer clear of them.
  • Check to be sure they don’t only do replacements, but repairs as well- Repairs are common in this line of work, so if a company is telling you otherwise, definitely get a second opinion.
  • A good contractor or technician will ask a lot of questions- With so many things factoring into why your air conditioner isn’t working, a good technician will ask a lot of questions to get a full understanding of what happened, before making any decisions.

Of course, there may be other factors that you personally look for in an HVAC contractor, but those are a good start for those of you who don’t know what to look for. At Chills, we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable technicians, reasonable prices, and our extreme professionalism.

We do belong to the ACCA, among other reputable organizations and have received awards based on our performance. In addition, we always make it a point to give our customers the best service possible. We care about you and your family’s well-being (and your financial situations), and are sure to put that care into our work. Because we understand that not everyone is prepared for the burden of repairs or replacing their air conditioner, we offer financing! Just another way we try to put our customers first.

At Chills Air Conditioning, we strive to be as educated and up-to-date as possible, so that we can pass that down to our customers. Even if you decided to go with another company, we want you to know what to look for so that you don’t end up in a bad situation. Our customers are our number one priority and we will continue to put you first! We hope the next time you run into an air conditioning or heating emergency, or even just need to have you’re AC serviced, Chill is the first to come to mind.