Air conditioning noise involves numerous factors. The fan’s hum, the clunking sound of a compressor starting up, which can be disturbingly loud. If the installation of a window unit is off a bit, the rattling of the frame and window will add to the noise. The outdoor noise can seep in as well, since the window housing the unit is not shut tight. The technology for suppressing most of the noise involved with running an AC unit has advanced significantly.

Some air conditioners are designed to cool the room in the quietest way possible. In the past, people put up with the background noise as a tradeoff for the comfort of a cool room. The quietest option presently available is a central air conditioning system installed. After that, a ductless mini split system can be a very quiet option. Finally, window units have had big improvements to lowering the noise involved with operating one.

The Lennox HSX 15 is touted as the quietest central air system available for purchase. This air conditioner has the latest in sound suppression technology, creating a more peaceful and comfortable experience. The compressor is in an insulated compartment and the fan has a patent pending on the precision balanced construction. These are just a couple of the innovations that make this air conditioner very quiet.

Some older houses may benefit from the placing of a ductless mini split system. With this system, there is no need to do a major remodel involving the installation of major duct work. The compressor is placed outside reducing the operating noise inside the home. Installation of a tube through the wall measures about three inches. Each section of the system has its own controller. This system is very quiet compared to the noise of wall units and is a reasonable option for cooling.

Recently, there have been many improvements to the window units to make them much less noisy.
• Friedrich SM15N10B can be installed in the window or through a wall. It is an expensive unit designed to operate quietly. It has rubber motor mounts to reduce vibrational noise. The inner walls are steel and contain extra thick insulation.
• Haier America is boasting that they have the quietest air conditioner on the market. The Serenity Series has wrapped the compressor in a noise reducing blanket significantly reducing operation noise.
• Frigidaire FRA256SV2 rated very quiet as window units go. This A/C unit requires a 220 volt outlet. This dedicated outlet helps the compressor run more efficiently.
• The SPT WA -1211S is not the quietest window unit available, however it has had many affirmative reviews. The fan has three speeds. The low setting runs very quietly.
• LG Electronics LW8014ER is a good choice for a quieter air conditioner for the family on a budget. Its operation is efficient and smooth. This unit is comparatively much quieter than the window units in the same price range.

The problem that is common among the window units is that the installation can be difficult. Proper planning and careful placement of the unit is required to make sure the subsidiary noises are minimized. It may be well worth the cost to have these units professionally installed.

It is important to create a home that is comfortable and quiet. Ambient noise can be quite bothersome, as it can be difficult to relax in a noisy environment. You used to have to compromise comfort, for peace and quiet but those days are in the past. Now that some new shifts in the construction of these AC units have been implemented, it is much easier to get the comfort of a cool room with much less noise.