The cool air you enjoy in the summer, and the warm air that keeps you comfortable in the office in the winter doesn’t just happen.  In fact, there’s usually a brain behind the climate you work in or a building automation system that does the work for you behind the scenes.

We know all about how these work because we’re the experts at understanding how a building management system operates.  Chills Air Conditioning provides everything that you need to keep an office’s climate controlled with everything from commercial AC repair to expert advice. Here are a few interesting things about commercial and retail HVAC and these automated systems we thought you might like to know.

  • The technology you enjoy today’s wasn’t always the way your building’s temperature got controlled. In fact, it wasn’t until 2000 that computers got involved with temperature and air flow in offices. Before that, old fashioned relays and transistors were doing the job.
  • The same technology you use in your computers helps to control the climate you work in today. The Internet is everywhere, and that includes managing the climate in your office. In fact, Internet connectivity allows these building automation systems to run more smoothly by taking advantage of the cloud and wireless technology.

Understanding how these systems work   

We’ve been in the retail air conditioning business for years now and even have financing available. However, we know that getting to understand how your building automation system works might be a little confusing without some of these tips.

  1. Take the time to identify your users. A big part of having one of these systems working for you is the control you can have over the environment you work in. However, you might need to have a team of people at the controls of your system depending on the size of the building.
  2. Identify different categories.  Selecting the various categories for your system based on the different heating and cooling needs in your building helps to define how you will use one of these innovations.

By clearly defining who gets to use your building automated system and the different points that need to have climate controls, you’ll be able to get the most from this kind of modern technology.

Of course, your building automation system should work hand-in-hand with HVAC, and it’s always important to team up with the right professionals.  We can help you set up a variety of the accessories like schedules and alarms, so everything runs efficiently.  

The Controller

The brain behind the climate you work in is the building automation system, and the controller is the way you’ll interact and set everything to run the way you want. Here are a few quick tips that will make this part of putting the system together easier.

  • Simplicity. Make sure the controller you select is compatible with different equipment types. It’s important to be able to have everything flow through one interface, so things stay as simple as possible.
  • The ability to manage remotely. Convenience is one of the reasons these automated systems are today’s gold standard. Being able to use a controller you can access remotely with an Internet connection is important.

Finding the right building automation system is a process, and we can help. Finding the one that suits your business is about matching your needs and budget and a small learning curve once you find the unit that’s right for you. It’s important to designate the right people and find the right parts like a good controller, so the climate in your business is hassle free.