Your HVAC system kept you cool through the scorching summer months without any issues because you had it checked out as part of a routine HVAC maintenance plan. Now that fall and winter are around the corner, you may think that you can put your HVAC system needs out of your mind until next spring. You may not need your air conditioning, but some nights can get chilly and it is always good to make sure your ventilation in your home is working properly. Here are some tips on tuning up your HVAC system in preparation for the fall.

Check for drafts

While living in South Florida, you rarely, if ever, have to worry about it being too cold outside. But drafty doors and windows in your home can cost you money, both in the winter and summer. During the summer you want to keep the cool air in and in the winter you want to keep the warm are in. Check your windows and door seals for any potential draft spots. This will not only keep your home more comfortable but it will take pressure off of your HVAC system from trying to heat/cool the outside and ultimately save you money.


It is especially important to clean all the vents in your home because dust and other particles circulate through your home on a daily basis. By cleaning your vents regularly you will help eliminate as many allergens in the air as possible. Another good idea as you head into fall is to change or clean your air filters. Just like the vents, your air filters will collect the dust and other particles and over time their efficiency to filter will be reduced if they become dirty. Your HVAC system is not only responsible for heating and cooling your home, but also filtering the air.

Programmable Thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat is a great way to reduce the stress on your HVAC system. Being able to set different temperatures for when you are home vs. when you are away is a great advancement in HVAC systems. Not only will your system be less stressed but it will also save you money by programming your system to your schedule.

Call the Professionals

Whether you think you may have a problem or your system is overdue for a tune-up, call the professionals to come out and take a look at your HVAC system. Routine checkups can catch problems early on before they cause major damage and large bills. For the best HVAC repair in Miami call Chills Air Conditioning (866-937-5614) or request a quote at