As we approach this year’s Miami summer the weather is getting less and less bearable, so no wonder the remote control of your AC system is always getting nearer and nearer to your hands’ reach. But, is your HVAC system in good shape enough and ready to keep your home comfortable? As it is one of the most-used and relied upon systems in your home, proper preventive maintenance is key for it to take on the hot summer. Not to mention, it is also one of the most expensive things to have to replace in your home. That being said, repairing your air conditioner before the summer really kicks off is more than crucial to enjoy its benefits.

In this article, your favourite Miami AC professionals will give you a few HVAC maintenance tips for summer, so you can enjoy the cool air flowing in your home and not have to think about unwanted repairs.

When To Call a Pro?

Aside from taking steps to repair AC issues, good insulation in your home is essential. Keep blinds or curtains closed during the day. Before the summer is here altogether, maybe open windows at night when it cools down and close them in the morning to lock in as much cool air as possible. You also want to make sure your AC thermostat is set up appropriately and that you have been practicing proper maintenance. If you’ve taken these necessary steps and your AC system still isn’t doing its magic, it may be a good time to give a professional a call to evaluate whether or not you are in need of air conditioning repair.

AC Repair

Making sure whether your AC unit is truly in need of repair or just maintenance can be tricky and it should be left to a professional. Some people simply don’t call repairmen, because they want to avoid a big bill, but in most cases, it is actually cheaper to get your air conditioning system fixed as soon as possible than waiting with it till larger expenses pile up (the AC’s problem will eventually worsen if left unfixed, not to mention, you will be paying higher utility bills, since your flawed AC system has to work harder to do the same amount of work and in the meantime it needs more energy to do so).

Here are some symptoms that may be telltale signs that your AC is in need of repair.

  • Poor airflow – If there is little to now airflow coming from the vents, there could be multiple problems. It might have to do something with the duct work or it may be a larger problem (like failing blowers).
  • Excessive moisture – Finding pools of water next to your system may mean you have drain tube issues, either breakage or blockage. Either way, you should call a pro ASAP.
  • Strange sounds – Grinding, squeaking or grating noises are never a good sign. Ignoring these issues will more than likely cause serious problems.
  • Odors: Different smells can indicate several problems. Burnt out wires, for instance, have a specific, strong smell.

Maintenance is Key

Regularly scheduled professional maintenance is needed at least once per year. Cleaning and inspecting pieces of the air conditioning unit are vital to keep it in good working order. In the meantime, making sure that your systems thermostat is set properly, cleaning air filters, observing for leaks and drainage and assessing airflow are a few steps you can take in order to catch future problems in time.

The summer heat is no joke and neither are AC system problems. Before the extreme temperatures really kick in, get your unit expert attention. If you have any concerns get in touch with us! Chills Air Conditioning can help!