The unbearably hot weather can take its toll on all of us, no matter how used to it we might think we are. The summer heat can become a burden, some would say a curse. It can even slow you down in your job or completing menial everyday tasks… Not to mention, long exposure to such heat can also cause serious health problems.

With this in mind, buying and running an air conditioner is almost mandatory. We at Chills Air Conditioning are aware of this and we are more than eager to help you out if you are looking for a reliable AC units to make the constant heat more bearable.

For example, central air conditioners sold by Rheem are renown for the energy-efficient features they provide, and their durable designs. These systems may they be packaged units, air handlers or conventional air conditioners are durable and can handle all the weather’s harshness while perfecting indoor conditions.

Rheem air conditioners cooling devices feature a SEER rating of up to 17 and a state-of-the-art diagnostics system which helps in ensuring that the AC system performs at its best. These units control their airflow to ensure you are always feeling comfortable and free from unwanted moisture in your home which can produce mold. Rheem devices are also equipped with an on-demand dehumidification features, two-stage compressors which are a significantly better solution than the older, one-stage units.

One of the biggest advantages when it comes to Rheem’s units is that they feature the Comfort Control2 System. This system provides 32 on-board diagnostics and fault history codes to help when it comes to detecting certain problems which may arise during the unit’s lifetime. If the system finds any serious problem, it sends an alert to the thermostat, thus informing the user about the error.

Additionally, a louvered jacket protects the coils of these air conditioners from any destructive elements and harms. The units themselves are made from galvanized steel, which helps when it comes to withstanding the harshest conditions and ensures that they last for a long time. The top grilles are usually removable, which means that access is easy for interior parts maintenance. To top this off, you can also remove the service panels for even more access to the interior. The before-mentioned grilles are also designed to protect the central air conditioning unit from moisture, like rain or snow, which in other cases would cause extensive damage.  

These units are pretty sturdy, but in case problems do arise, a 10-year unit replacement warranty and a 10-year parts warranty are in place.

As you can see, Rheem offers a pretty good package when it comes to AC systems. With good SEER ratings, dehumidification features and with its unique Comfort Control2 System, it can be a good fit for most homes or bigger venues.

If you are still having any concerns or questions when it comes to these AC systems, feel free to contact us. We’re sure we can help you make the right decision!