Finding the right air conditioning system can be a real hassle. You might be conscious about energy efficiency, warranties, distinctive system features, or other equally important things which can make or break a deal when you go out brand-hunting. Aside from all this, most of the time, your decision has to be made swiftly, especially when you are searching to replace a unit which broke down.

This is where we come in! Chills Air Conditioning is a team of certified professionals who are always up-to-date when it comes to top-notch air conditioners. This is one of the reasons why we offer American Standard air conditioners and air handlers, which are one of the best systems in their respective weight class!

Basically, all American Standard AC systems are renown for their energy efficiency. This brand’s units have high SEER ratings, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios, which means, they can help lower your energy bills not just for now but in the future as well. Why? – you ask? Since most systems come with a twelve-year warranty, you can rest assured that your unit will work even years after installation.

Honestly, many things can affect energy efficiency, but if all the components are properly installed in the system, an American Standard AC unit can reach up to 22 SEER, which is pretty outstanding in its own rights. This high ratio is mainly the result of the AccuComfort technology, which makes it possible for the unit’s compressor to adjust in small increments instead of just being on or off like the old-fashioned compressors – or low, high and off like in the more modern compressor variations.

The thing that sets apart these units from the rest of the pack is that these central air conditioners can operate at whatever level is appropriate at the time for your specific indoor climate. It can even adjust itself in 1-percent increments. A technology such as this can and will save you a lot of money in the long run. This cutting-edge technology also allows American Standard units to be very specific, meaning even making half-degree adjustments to your thermostat setting.

An added benefit of buying American Standard is that the units are remarkably quiet, in part because they run continuously rather than blasting on and abruptly shutting off throughout their operation. The added sound insulation also adds in blocking that the unit (which sits on a Durabase corrosion and crack resistant pan) itself generates during operation.

Most residential AC units are sturdy. Panels are constructed of louvered steel and are designed to protect the coil while still promoting airflow. American Standard units also come with rust-resistant, zinc-coated screws which are designed to prevent corrosion.

The majority of American Standard systems come with a decent warranty, more precisely, twelve years on the compressor and 10 years on parts.

As you can see, American Standard offers a lot on the market. High SEER will ensure that your utility bills will stay slim and with the AccuComfort technology, users can fine-dial everything.

Have any concerns? If the answer is yes, just give us a call! Chills Air Conditioning will help!