Air-conditioning technology and design have advanced considerably in the last decade or so, and indoor units are now sleek, minimalistic, and even visually appealing. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about the outdoor unit. While they have also got more compact and are, thankfully, much quieter than before, they’re still basically ugly, big cubes that sit on a slab of concrete and spoil the layout and landscaping of your garden.

If you enjoy gardening or just hanging out in the yard, or are trying to sell your house, you might want to hide the air-conditioner. That is why we’ve put together some creative ideas on how to do this.

How to Hide an Air-Conditioner Unit Outside.

Before you start any project to screen your ugly outside unit from view, there are two things you have to keep in mind:

  • Any screen has to allow access to the unit for maintenance and should be easily removable in case the unit needs to be replaced, so a brick wall is out.
  • You have to leave enough space around the unit for the heat to escape, and you should never cover the top of the unit for the same reason, so no big wooden boxes.

But don’t worry, there are still lots of simple directions on air conditioner cleaning service for you to choose from. Here are some of our favorites.

  • A lattice surround. Lattice is the perfect material for an air-conditioner screen as the gaps between the strips of wood allow the hot air blowing out of the unit to escape. The screen can be dressed up with plants and paint to blend into its surroundings.
  • Greenery. Tall plants like grasses and vines planted in decorative pots and placed around the unit will effectively hide it from view while being easily removable when required. Just make sure you choose something tough that won’t wilt in the hot air from the unit.
  • An old shipping pallet. If you search pallet on Youtube, you’ll find hundreds of tutorials on how to turn an old pallet into a bed, sofa, coffee table, three-story mansion etc. with nothing but a hammer and a few extra nails. You can also turn one into an attractive AC screen with nothing more than a pot of paint. Hang some solar lights and potted plants on it, and it could become a feature of your garden.
  • Privacy screen. For those of you who are less than enthusiastic about DIY projects, a simple privacy screen made of weather-resistant resin is the perfect solution. These come in many colors, so you should be able to find one to match your exterior color screen, no painting required.
  • Iron trellis. Perfect if you are aiming for elegance in your landscaping. Surround it with vines, and it will evoke images of a gazebo in the grounds of a stately home.
  • Mosaic screen. For a more shabby-chic look, set bits of broken pottery and mirror in a slab of concrete and grout them. As this will be exposed to the elements, make sure to seal the grouting.
  • Old Shutters. To continue the shabby-chic scheme, if you can get your hands on an old pair of wooden window shutters, these make an ideal AC screen and can be blended into the surroundings with nothing but a coat of paint.

And there you are, seven simple solutions to the problem of unsightly outside air conditioner power surge. Just remember to leave enough space around the unit to let us in to do our job, maintenance and repair.

We hope you will find some inspiration in this article! For more topic-related articles, visit our blog, today!