Happy and healthy employees are vital to keeping everything in your business operating smoothly, and concern for your employees’ well-being should be a constant thought that runs through your mind. Besides insurance, benefits and salary, one of the most important aspects for your employees is the comfort level of the office. That can include everything from the furniture and lighting to the temperature. The Florida summer heat can take a serious toll on your employees if your office space is not properly air-conditioned. Here are some of the benefits of having a professionally installed retail air conditioning system.

Employees will work more hours

Studies have shown that employees who worked in office spaces that were not properly air-conditioned wasted over an hour a day due to heat. In the business world, wasted time is wasted money.

Increased productivity and concentration

During the hours of the workday, employees will be significantly more productive. Hot working environments limit intellectual and physical activity due to the lack of ability to concentrate, headaches from dehydration, and tiredness. Studies that show employees that work in offices without an AC make more mental mistakes, shorter concentration spans, and have a harder time solving problems. So keep your employees physically comfortable and mentally sharp with proper air conditioning.

Reduced mood swings

Stress and irritation can stem from being overheated, so to eliminate any additional stressors for your employees face by making sure that they are comfortable.

Better for the customers

If you own a business where you have customers coming into the office, it is of particular importance to have a healthy environment. There is nothing worse than customers being uncomfortable, hot and irritable. This can also be a very bad impression for first-time customers to have of your business.

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