When your air conditioning system is working at its peak you may experience more issues than you signed up for. Putting more work on your unit can risk a malfunction, or worse, break.

It may be a good idea to become aware of some very common issues your air conditioning system can have with heavy use.

It is also a good idea to educate yourself on the system you have running. The more you know about your system the less likely you are to be stuck a hot sweaty mess when the comfort of your house depends on it.

If you know a general idea of how your system operates, loose screws, frayed electrical wires, and clogged filters become something you look for and can prevent. This way you can quickly fix and get your home back to comfortable much faster than waiting for a repairman (as fast as he or she may be).

Some common problems that can occur can be easy fixes.

Your HVAC Issues may not kick on, or produce cool air

Your first step may be as easy as ensuring that the system is turned on, and has power before assuming it has broken completely.

It’s always a possibility that the system was turned off if your home is inhabited by more than one person.

If you cannot get your system to cool down, check the vents in your home, they could be closed.

Check that your windows are closed and any openings in your home are shut tight.

Check that your setting is set to cool.

If after checking your system is turned on and settings are set to cool, your system refuses to run, make certain your systems thermostat is set to turn on at a temperature cooler than the outside temperature.

Another issue may be a clogged filter

Make sure your filter is not clogged.

Replacing your filters as recommended is always a good habit to keep. A dirty filter can shut down your system by air restriction; make sure to keep the parts and accessories to your system in good clean condition to ensure the best operation.

If you’re still experiencing issues you may be experiencing malfunctions due to a leak

Your unit requires refrigerant to cool your home, you may need an air conditioner repairman to come recharge and repair your leak.

Worn or loose parts could also be a culprit

Heavy use of any machine can wear down on parts in your system, and can become a greater problem if maintenance is not done. The best thing you can do for your system is to have it inspected to ensure everything is in its proper place and performing efficiently.

The price to cool your home can become an issue as well

The efficiency of your AC and costs usually go hand in hand. If your system is having to work harder when it is working most often your bill may shoot sky high.

This is a very common issue with most homes during the hottest months of the year. Nobody wants a sky high electric bill just to keep comfortable.

Keeping the doors and windows to your home from being left open can benefit your wallet greatly. Closing off rooms not in use, and directing airflow to common areas in your home will keep you comfortable, put less work on your system, and keep your electric bill lower.

Remember to use your ceiling fans to help circulate air, use your shades and make certain your thermostat is not in direct sunlight and kicking on when cooling is not needed.

Another common issue is coils becoming dirty

If your outdoor condenser coils become clogged up due to the outdoor environment you may experience malfunctions in your system. Make sure to keep animals, dirt, weeds and other debris off and away from your system and hopefully you will avoid bigger problems with your hardware in the future.