Winter is finally on its way. After a long hot summer your air conditioning unit is finally ready to be turned off. Before just flipping that switch, you may want to consider some tips to keeping your unit in good running condition. After all, your AC unit needs to be maintained even during winter.

Follow a few of these tips to save yourself time and money repairing and replacing parts to your unit in the future.

Keep your ac condenser unit clean and tidy

Keeping your AC unit free of weeds, dirt, and other debris will prevent the unit from becoming clogged up come the next summer season. Like any good running machine, proper cleanings and maintenance can keep anything running longer and stronger.

Schedule a maintenance check

Despite all of your great efforts to keep filters clean, bolts tight, and weed free a maintenance check is highly recommended before turning off your system. To ensure a good clean running system for next summer  schedule a maintenance check with one of our trained technicians. It is best to have a maintenance session at the beginning of the summer, and the end of the summer. Our technician can recharge refrigerant, check fittings and bolts, check and replace your filters and schedule a time to repair any leaks or damage before next summer comes. Leaks can become a major problem in the changing seasons. They can go undetected in the cooler months, but come summer you may find your unit to be out of refrigerant and out of time to do something about the issue comfortably. It is best to schedule your maintenance before there is a bigger issue, to prevent a bigger issue. This way you’re not stuck waiting in a hot home on a hot day, when demand for AC repairs are at the peak of the season.

Check on your Unit Frequently

Yes, this is after one of our trained technicians comes and does his maintenance. Keep in mind storms and harsh weather can potentially harm your unit. And something so valuable should be watched carefully when exposed to such conditions. Make certain that no damage has occurred from harsh weather ice or storms.

Cover your lines

Now the lowest recorded winter in Florida is in fact 30 degrees, but better safe than sorry if there is a risk of freezing, there is a risk of damage. Those of you who live in a place where the winters can freeze your tongue to a pole, consider covering your lines and pipes. This will insulate and prevent freezing of pipes running from your home. Covering any wires will also prevent damage or erosion from occurring. Another approach to covering your unit may be something to consider as well. Consider the pros and cons of covering vs leaving your unit uncovered this winter when making a decision to cover your entire unit.

The pros of covering your unit

Keeping your unit covered does protect your condenser from the elements and keeps weather from beating your unit in storms.

The pros of not covering your unit

Not covering your unit means there will be no free shelter for the pesky animals needing a nice cozy place to nest, and no risk of moisture and mildew in your system. Nobody likes a musky smelling home. Keeping your unit uncovered means your unit can be properly ventilated all year round. Now if this has left you undecided on whether to cover or not to cover consider just covering the very top of your unit. This may not serve as the most thorough of covers from the weather, but may still protect your unit from moister and debris from above, and can be easily cleared away if necessary. This will also allow proper ventilation and send those homeless critters packing.