Naturally occurring contaminants such as bacteria, molds, yeast and viruses are constantly being recirculated through the air we breathe in our homes and offices. We have this notion that if we keep our windows and doors closed that nothing can contaminate the air. Unfortunately, that is not how it works in reality. The more you have your windows and doors closed you are not allowing new air to be circulated which in turn leaves you breathing in the exact same air only circulated through the remaining contaminated air in your home or office.  

Clean air is vital to our health. When you are breathing in contaminated air with no recourse of fixing the issue problems can occur. Such as upper respiratory problems, inflammation of mucous membranes, aggravate asthma along with other breathing difficulties. Our homes and offices are supposed to be the place where we can escape allergens, bacteria and viruses. Chills Air Conditioning has the same belief and has stuck with it by offering air quality testing as well as quality air control systems.

How can you test the air quality in your home or business? Chills Air Conditioning offers indoor air quality testing and inspections so you can become aware of the type of air you are breathing and improve it based off of the results. If your air quality testing is not up to par, Chills has the solution. Whether you need to replace your filters or your entire system, Chills offers many different options to improve your air quality.

How Chills cleans your air? Chills uses HEPA air cleaners. HEPA air cleaners are efficient and are able to capture many different molds and bacteria. With the microorganisms remaining alive, continuing to grow and reproduce on the filtration equipment. Chills has kept this specifically in mind and uses a Bio-Fighter germicidal ultra-violet light system keeping your air conditioning coils and duct work clean.

Want to save money? Chills Air Conditioning sales Electromaze Filters that are permanent and washable which allows you to save money because you do not have to constantly go buy new filters. You simply remove the filter, rinse it off on both sides, remove excess water and reinstall. You can also spray on some household cleaner to rid your filters of stains. The flexibility of this product is beyond convenient. Not only is it healthier for you, to maintain your clean air is completely manageable.

What is so special about their filters? Electrostatic air filters are designed to work by producing a static charge that traps particles into the filter like a magnet. The benefits speak for themselves not to mention durability, maintenance and efficiency. When using a reliable air filter you spend less time worrying about the air you’re breathing, about the time and money it will take to replace them and about the quality of the filter in how long it will last you.

When you choose Chills Air Conditioning you are not only making a commitment to better services and quality air. Chills is also making a commitment to you, to uphold integrity in everything they sell you while giving you the comfort of knowing that the air you are breathing in your home or office is clean and free of contaminates.