Do you live in Miami where it feels like summer almost year round? Are you looking to cut your costs slightly by helping make things a little more energy efficient AC? Then here are a few energy tips for your air conditioning unit. The easiest way to help save energy is adjusting your thermostat. In the warmer months, try setting the thermostat between 76-78 degrees, and in the cooler months, set it between 72-74 degrees. To help the your AC unit, try using ceilings fans in the cooler months whenever possible. The best way to help control the energy you are using, is with a programmable thermostat. This allows you to set what you want it to run at during certain times of the day.

The next tip you can use, is to regularly have the unit checked by a qualified Miami AC repair company, in order to make sure the unit is running properly. A unit that isn’t running right, can run harder, hence using more energy than you might realize. If you’re looking for a reliable Miami AC company that specializes in retail AC installation and maintenance, contact Chills Air Conditioning MiamiAir conditioner repair is the most overlooked aspect to your energy saving needs, but in the end, either one of these tips will prove to be an effective option for your household.