Love the idea of summering in Miami, but hate sticky skin and frizzy hair? Say no more. At Chills AC, we know all about the trade off between a stellar destination and not so stellar weather conditions.

If there’s anywhere to post up and spend the better days of your life, it’s Miami. But when the calendar strikes June, the degrees take flight from the nineties, and this doesn’t account for humidity. Miami summer weather is something like a test from Mother Nature, waiting to pass or fail our deserved habitation in this fine city throughout the rest of the year.

The good news is, we’re being fairly dramatic, and there are excellent resources for beating the heat.

  • First and foremost, head to the beach! They best way to combat hot, humid air is to immerse yourself in the water. Enjoy games in the sand as you post up for the day and take occasional dips to cool off.
  • Take a cruise. Literally. Get out of town and feel that ocean breeze in your hair and on your skin. Nothing says cooling off like cruising the high seas.
  • Eat out! The dining and drinking options in Miami are vast and it’s safe to say that they won’t disappoint. Miami’s posh vibe attracts world-renowned chefs, hyper-creative mixologists and restaurant designers that’ll have you wanting to move out of your home and into the restaurant.
  • Treat yourself to spa days. Treat your skin and mind to rejuvenation and let your body relax amidst the summer heat in the comfort and coolness of a Miami spa. Lucky for everyone, the Great Miami Conventions and Visitors Bureau hosts Miami Spa Month in July and August. They definitely have ESP for our need to chill out in the summer.
  • Make cool days and unforgettable nights your thing. Forget agonizing over the humidity of the day. Hire Chills AC to make sure your Miami air conditioning unit is in working order, and take the time to work on a hobby or indoor projects, like writing a book or de-cluttering your home. With a day well spent and a soul surely accomplished, let yourself embrace the coveted nightlife that Miami has to offer. Make your rounds at the iconic rooftop bars and lose yourself in the city skyline. Make happy hour dates like its your side job and stay on top of which bars and lounges are coming into the social focus.

With so many options to explore, who needs to complain about Miami weather in summer months? Not us! Of course… if you do find yourself in need of colder, more soothing indoor days; call Chills AC. We’ll make sure your home or office has the freshest AC pumping in, keeping you cost-efficient and cool!