Sick of sweltering in the summer heat hoping to avoid breaking your AC? It doesn’t have to be this painful! Check out some of Chills’ tips for keeping you and your AC unit cool this summer.

  • Rule of thumb: give your AC breaks. It needs rest just like you do.
  • Keep your condenser clean and give it space! Clear anything out within 2 feet. Go the extra mile and sweep around the area, too.
  • Do you have shade on your house? Pay special attention to the south and west sides. Shading the house from the outside will reduce the AC unit’s workload by helping keep the house at a lower temperature.
  • Find the highest temperature at which you can live comfortably. Set the thermostat here. Don’t make it work harder than it absolutely must to keep you comfortable.
  • Are you using a programmable thermostat? This allows you to set lower temperatures for when you are home and awake, and higher ones for when you are sleeping or at work. Why keep the AC pumping for eight hours a day when no one is home to feel it?
  • A fan is your best friend. Fans help carry the cool air all over your body. The sensation makes you feel up to 10 degrees cooler. This can help offset the higher temperature at which you’ve programmed your thermostat.
  • Windows can be cracked slightly to increase airflow throughout a home, but be sure to draw blinds and drapes! The sun is most intense during the summer and will try to heat up your home through any glass that it can find.
  • When you aren’t purposely cracking windows to increase airflow throughout your home, make sure windows are checked tight for leaks. You can seal them with weather stripping and caulking.
  • Don’t keep the attic out of mind! If there isn’t proper airflow in the attic, the space will increase dramatically with heat and that overwhelming temperature will inevitably make it downstairs into living areas, increasing the overall temperature of the room despite AC efforts. Check insulation and ventilation up top.
  • Try not to make your own heat! This includes the oven, using a dryer, using hot tools on your hair, etc.

If you want to get the most out of your preventative measures, thinking about getting an energy audit. It will tell you where exactly the home is least efficient.

And worst-case scenario, HVAC repair Miami is common – don’t sweat it! Take care of your AC the best you can and utilize the tips we gave you. But if you still find yourself in trouble, get in touch with Chills, the most reliable AC repair Miami. Stay cool!