Ygrene: Energy Fund

Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources have been at the forefront of many heated debates in today’s society. With the fear of soon-to-be scarce resources and harmful impacts on the environment, a great deal of money and energy (no pun intended) has been focused on coming up with ways to offset this potentially bad course of action. Property assessed clean energy (PACE) is a means for homeowners and business owners to do their part by providing finance options for upgrading to energy efficient or renewable energy for homes. The concept is that before PACE programs, homeowners and business owners had no incentive to upgrade and increase the energy efficiency of their buildings because the investment would not likely be recouped when/if sold. So a PACE program allows upgraders to “mortgage” these upgrades and only pay for the benefits they derive from them while they are in ownership of the property. Ygrene Energy Fund is a leader in financing these types of energy improvements for property owners. Here is what Ygrene is and how it works!

Ygrene, which is privately funded, has partnered with numerous communities and offers 100% financing for property improvements that fall under categories such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency, and in some locations hurricane protection, electric vehicle charging and seismic upgrades. Some of the main eligible improvements include: solar panel financing (either for electricity or water heating), heating and AC (more efficient water heaters and AC units), windows and doors (improved sealing, skylights to reduce the need of electric lights and shading to reduce AC costs) and insulation (to reduce heating/cooling costs). Even in some areas water saving, hurricane and landscaping improvements are eligible.

While these are just a few highlighted improvements, there are 1000s more that qualify for Ygrene financing.

Upgrading your home or business with energy efficient or renewable energy improvements come with many benefits. No only will you improve the environment by reducing your footprint, you will improve the comfort and indoor air quality for yourself and those that share the space with you. You will lower your energy use and monthly utility costs, and overall increase your property’s value!

How it works is once Ygrene has partnered with your city, Ygrene offers 100% financing for 1000s of upgrades to residential or commercial properties that improve energy efficiency or use renewable energy sources (as covered above). The best part is that there are zero up front costs because the improvements can be spread out in payments of up to 20-year terms that are paid back by the owners property tax bill, which makes the payments tax deductible! Qualification is based upon the equity you have in the property, not your credit score because essentially your property is borrowing the money. You can finance up to 10% of your property’s value and have no payments for up to 17 months allowing you to feel the benefits of lower energy bills right away. Also, if you sell your property, the payments stay with the property allowing the new owner to benefit from the improvements!

With so many eligible improvements, quick and easy qualification and 100% financing, Ygrene truly makes it simple and affordable to improve your home or business. By improving your home, you not only save yourself money but you also help improve the environment for yourself and others. Contact Chills Air Conditioning to learn more about this affordable investment into your home.