We all know how the air rolls in Miami. Maybe I should say how it sits, in Miami because man can it get sweltering. I can hardly remember life before air conditioning, and my days in need of AC repair are days I don’t like to remember. Whether you’re in the market for air duct replacement or just had a Chills air duct cleaning, be kind to your AC! It’ll get you through the toughest summer days. Here are some of the ways we can help our air conditioning provide cool air for the most days at the least expense to the unit’s life, to the environment and most importantly, to our monthly bills.

Turn it off when you leave

This is one of the most difficult claims to combat, and we combat it every time we leave the house. Everyone’s parent has a different understanding and someone’s professor always suggested otherwise. As a golden rule, turn it off. When you re-start your air conditioning, it will use a lot of energy, yes. However, the energy it will use to power up when you return home is far less than it will use to run slowly all day. Imagine yourself and your energy. Sprinting is exhausting, but doing two sets of extreme sprints a day is going to leave you less exhausted than jogging for ten hours straight. Additionally, central air performs most optimally when it works the hardest – also like us! Now, if you aren’t leaving your home for the entire length of a day, it’s a different story. If you plan to be in and out of the house all day and want to conserve when you can, increase the thermostat when you leave and adjust when you return home.

Crack the window

We’ve all been scolded as children to close the doors and windows when the AC is pumping. The truth is, cracking a window is extremely effective for creating crosswinds that contribute to the cooling of a home. Keep the crack minimal- the smaller the space, the stronger the draft. Let the natural flow of air help your central air and ultimately, help save your AC’s energy and bill.

Buy a fan

Although a fan doesn’t technically cool you, the airflow it creates provides a cooling sensation for your skin, allowing you to keep temperatures a little higher during more tolerable months.

There are so many tricks to the trade of air conditioning. To learn more, get in touch with Chills, your Miami AC repair team.