Have you ever wondered how AC units and heating units work? Unless you’ve used a heating air conditioning service recently and you probably haven’t in awhile due to the great weather we’ve been having in Miami. To feed your curiosity, I am going to explain the difference between the types of systems that keep you happy while at home.

There are two types of systems:

1. Split Systems

2. Packaged Systems

You guessed it. Split systems allow for the AC system to work separate from the heating system. A packaged system works together to provide comfort in your home. Both come with their pro’s and con’s.

Split Systems

Typically in split systems there will be a unit inside and out, thus the name split system. The furnace is typically located in the house while the condenser and compressor sit outside.

This system tends to be more expensive because of the installation of two units as well as repair to both. If you are into the green movement, split systems are more energy efficient than their counterpart.

Packaged Systems

The packaged unit is what you’d expect. All parts both cooling and heating are packaged into one system. This type of system can be installed inside or out.

Packages systems are easier on the wallet. Installation charges are cheaper because of only one unit and maintenance is that much easier.

Although they are efficient in saving you space, packaged systems are less energy efficient than split systems.

With summer around the corner, you don’t have to worry about heating repair service , but air condition in Miami is essential this time of year.